Rar Rar Style

Just when I think I am not going to fall in love with another bandana brand, I fall head over heels. HARD. My collection is getting out of control and I love it! Rar Rar Style is taking my obsession to a whole other level! And for a fur-mama of three this brand is a dream come true! She does three different styles in one pattern, a bow tie, a scarf and a bowtie! Now all my babes can be matchy matchy but still look a little different! Rar Rar Style offers over 150 different styles to pick from the possibility are endless and there is something for every pup out there! Cocoa is the mastermind behind this adorable Etsy shop which is the result of the love of her own fur-babes!

She has  a fashion design background so she was  always around fabrics and sewing. She started making little accessories for her fur-babes such as bandanas, scarfs, bows, flowers, tutu's all for fun and as a hobby and grew from there and Rar Rar is a result of the positive responses she got! They  get so many compliments and comments about how cute they are in their little scarves and one particular comment really hit me. A man told her that "you could really see how much they are loved from their bandanas" So she started making them for friends and family and eventually just decided to have fun with an Etsy store. Her Etsy boutique is really a way for her to meet others like herself and she loves knowing that dogs from around the world are loved.

Rar Rar really truly is a labor of love. She is a weekend hiker with her pups and the bandanas started as a practical need for my two "low riders". cooper my Borgi has long hair that catch all kinds of burs and twigs in his neck floof when we walk and hike. She loves sewing and put together a few bandanas for her fur-babies!

Her two babes are cocoa is a two year old Pembroke Corgi. She is a girly girl in every way. She loves all the bandanas ad scarfs and wear them proudly. And Cooper who is a Corgi + Border Collie mix. He is a total momma's boy and  not into other dogs and thinks he's human. he "talks" a lot. (Total Border Collie).

She loves dogs and animals in general so all dogs inspire her. She knew that small act such as putting a bandana around her dogs shows how much we love them and include them in our lives. She likes knowing other owners feel the same about their fur babies!

Her amazing Etsy is steadily growing and becoming bigger and bigger! We love supporting Etsy shops and dog moms making their dreams come true and making our pups look cute AF as they do it! So if you would love to get in on this amazing brand and get one of her made with love products for your fur- babies please check her out here!