Real Dog Box - The Most Delicious Monthly Box For Fur Babes

If you’ve been with us on this incredible dog mom journey for the last few years, you might remember one of our first features; Real Pet Food. They’ve grown so much and even changed their name, but they’re still doing the same great things for our fur babies. Real Pet Food is now Real Dog Box! And we just had to feature this phenomenal company again!

Real Dog Box offers the freshest treats and chews, every month, so your fur baby can dig into nutritious goodies on the reg. Real Dog Box knows that food is medicine so they offer air-dried, single-ingredient, wholefood dog treats and chews in every box! They are healthy to the max and made in small batches! How would I describe their treats and chews? Unprocessed, species appropriate, nutritional, and convenient. How would Abbie and Gunner describe their goodies? Tasty and irresistible, of course!

Their boxes start at only $21/month! And with free delivery, you just can’t go wrong! Have a strong chewer? Don’t worry! You can add on super chews to each box and save your Tory Burch sandals, UGG boots, and couches (don’t worry, I’m just bitter I didn’t find Real Dog Box before these things were destroyed!).

Every 4 weeks, Real Dog Box makes a new combination of air-dried goodies to help meet your dog’s nutritional needs. They hand-select a variety of proteins from locally sourced meats so your pup can enjoy them while they’re still fresh! You get the benefits of raw food with the convenience of dried food! HALLELUJAH! Seriously, this is the greatest thing for us busy dog moms! Give these as treats or add them to your dog’s daily meals!

Let the Real Dog Box team help you take better care of your precious fur baby. They will customize your subscription box so that it’s appropriate for your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc. Does your dog have allergies? No problem! They’ll replace anything your pup is allergic or sensitive to with a fresh item from their inventory! It’s so nice that each box is built with your dog’s nutritional needs and your busy schedule in mind. It’s super nice having someone do all the hard work for me so that I have more time to spend with my pups!

Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned vet, you’ll be happy that you found Real Dog Box because feeding real food hasn’t been easier.

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