Reed & Sage

Having two extremely active, outdoorsy dogs, I needed to find gear that didn’t stain their fur when jumping in rivers, tough material that could withstand the test of the Utah mountains, and something that was easy to clean when they decide to jump in muddy, mossy ponds to chase after ducks. I found exactly what I needed with Reed & Sage! Not only did I get the complete list above, but they are also way more affordable than heading to your typical outdoor store AND their gear gets mad compliments from other dog parents.



Reed & Sage has created exceptional products for the sporting canine. So whether your pup is a field dog, dock dog, or daily park goer, Reed & Sage is perfect for what you need! Abbie and Gunner don’t wear any other collars because we’ve found everything we need with Reed & Sage.

Founded in Seattle, Washington, the rugged conditions of the Pacific Northwest allow them to test, refine, and develop the best gear for the hardest working dogs. They take pride in their ability to provide products directly to consumers, avoiding the typical retail sales markup found in big outdoor stores or other luxury brands.

The founders of Reed & Sage are avid outdoor enthusiasts who love to bird hunt, hike, fish, ski, and train sporting breeds of all types (seriously, check out their Instagram!). The company strives to outfit both dogs and dog owners who love to explore, condition, and hunt with exceptional gear. The four pillars listed below are the founding principles of their company and will continue to guide their decisions as they grow:

  • Create tough, exceptionally designed products that are "sporting dog centric"

  • Enable their customers to experience the outdoors with their dogs

  • Share the experience of working with well-trained bird dogs

  • Preserve the habitat that they and their dogs love to explore

Simply put, their products are the best for your best friend, whether you're on the beach, in the woods, the snow, reeds, or sage!

For them, it’s all in the details. They’re committed to making the best products for the hardest working dogs and every aspect of what they create is scrutinized to the highest quality standard. Good dogs don’t settle for less and neither does Reed & Sage.

Reed & Sage is committed to preserving the places and resources that matter most to them, us customers, and our best furry friends. As a company, they donate 1% of top line revenue (regardless of their profitability!) to these non-profit conservation partners (TRCP, Ducks Unlimited, Pheasants Forever, and the Ruffed Grouse Society). This ensures that every product you purchase from Reed & Sage helps protect our precious outdoor resources for many generations to come. They've hand selected these partners as their focus is on preserving outdoor habitat, traditional recreation, and stewardship of our natural resources - all things that matter immensely to sporting dogs and their owners. At checkout, you as the customer are able to select the partner of your choice - ensuring your purchase benefits the land, habitat, and game you care about most! AMAZING!!!! Please join Reed & Sage in continuing to protect the amazing habitat and wildlife we love to pursue!


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