Rescue Candles

The statistics for the amount of animals that are doomed to a life in a shelter, or worse, are more than saddening, they're flat out awful.

As animal lovers, we want to save all the dogs, give them each a home and the love they deserve. Which is discouraging, to say the least, because we can’t individually save them all.

With that being said, whenever the opportunity arises where I can help in ANY way, big or small, I am all about it! Because, as cliche as it sounds… we CAN make a difference. So what if I said you could  incorporate saving dogs while SHOPPING?

Rescue Candles has taken this idea and ran with it! They have created something so simple and turned it into something beautifully meaningful. This family operated company has made it their dedication to provide high quality products for us candle lovers, all the while supporting animal rescue organizations.



Rescue Candles are hand-poured with soy wax here in the USA. The reusable mason jars, are filled with the soothing aromas created from naturally derived fragrance oils and assembled by HAND! Free of all toxic materials and pesticides of any kind, you can breathe in and enjoy a clean burn of sweetness for more than 40 hours.



The Promise:

In addition to filling your home with the magical aroma that will mask the not so pleasurable dog smells… Rescue Candles will also fill your heart with a little bit of hope and encouragement. With each purchase they will donate 15% of proceeds toward animal rescue charities.




Shop Now:

Let’s face it, we ALL love candles... but they are SO expensive. I will literally stand in front of the candles, for what seems like hours, trying to rationalize spending the money. But, Rescue Candles are not only affordable, with the giving nature of this company, it's impossible to feel any shoppers remorse!



Visit their Etsy shop now and find the perfect scent for your home!

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