Ripley & Rue

Finally, the new aged dog mom has developed a style of its own. Crazy dog lover has met runway fashionista and the outcome is perfection. It’s a simple look… basically, if you’re a dog mom and your clothes don’t loudly shout it from the mountaintop, then you’re a walk of shame. Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but modern day dog moms are overly proud and show off their “status” everywhere they go. BUT, and it a big but, this look is not complete unless your fur baby is in the loop. 

Luckily us Gal’s have come across Ripley & Rue; the company that helps your pup dress to the nines every time you hit the street. With a bandana to match every outfit you own, not to mention coordinate with every holiday, your dog will be #instafamous in no time!

Ripley & Rue is a Dog Scarf and Accessories Boutique handcrafted by a fellow dog mom in Omaha, Nebraska. In 2016, Jeannie- a graphic design and web developer, quit her day job and journeyed into a new avenue of work, a creative agency, with her husband. To was the stress, at night she began to teach herself how to sew (impressive, I know!) and fell in love with it. With her pups by her side, Ripley and Rue were the muse to her new venture- dog bandanas!

In August of 2016, they launched their site and it’s been growing like wildfire ever since! With such a high demand, they recently had to team up with a local sew shop to help produce their bandanas. No surprise here, their dog swag is to die for and us Gal’s are ecstatic to see such success for a fellow dog mom with a working heart. Jeannie also knows the importance of #girlssupportinggirls and promotes the movement by speaking to young women about her personal journey, and encouraging them to pursue their own dreams!



Expanding from bandanas, R+R now offers other accessories to complete your dog mom style! From shirts and hats, to collars and leashes, you can fit in with “the cool kids” when you go on your next stroll. Visit today and up your #dogmom swag.