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It was Friday evening and I just got home from work to find a box sitting on our front door step. As I glanced at the “Rocco & Roxie” label, I excitedly opened the front door and called Abbie to open it with me. I pulled out the bag of Jerky Treats, made Abbie do a couple tricks, and let her #noms on her new treat! “SHE LOVED IT” is an understatement!

There’s one thing you have to know about Abbie - If she needs to go outside to potty, she will definitely let you know with lots and lots of loud crying! There’s no question, when Abbie wants something, you say, “What do you want? Show me!” and she will show you exactly what she wants. Typically it’s to go sunbathe on the balcony or to go outside and play fetch/go potty.

Fast forward to later that evening. Sean and I were getting ready for bed, pj’s were on, teeth were brushed, horizontal laying was complete. Then…. the whining started.


Abbie: Whine, whine, whine. Cry, cry, cry. Louder, Louder, LOUDER!

Me: “Fiiiiiine! SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT!”

I got up and instead of Abbie leading me to the front door to potty, she led me over to the jerky treats that were sitting on the table next to our couch! She did this THREE times until I finally told her "No!". I, of course, eventually gave in to that cute face of hers. She definitely knew what she wanted!!! I think it's an understatement to say we're converted to Rocco & Roxie for life! She's never done that before with a new treat. Haha.

                 Even with eye boogers, I still can't say "NO" to that face!!!

                 Even with eye boogers, I still can't say "NO" to that face!!!

Rocco & Roxie provides premium products for our pampered fur babies! It’s a family-owned and operated company that offers high quality pet products that are lovingly made in the USA! Their pets are their family just like ours are OUR family. And when it comes to family, only the best goes, right? Well, they want our pets to be healthy and happy, so they develop products that everyone can trust and our pets love. Give any of their products a try and it will quickly become your favorite choice, guaranteed!


Jerky treats: Rocco & Roxie's premium jerky sticks are the perfect healthy treat for your dog if you want only the best in your pup's tummy. They have Beef (Abbie's fav), Turkey, and Chicken.

They recommend that as soon as you receive your package of jerky sticks, you open them up... and just smell them. Feel them. You'll be amazed at the great depth of the flavor and the meaty, natural texture. And you'll immediately know your best friend will LOVE these treats. SERIOUSLY! THESE SMELL GOOD ENOUGH FOR HUMANS TO EAT! (Don’t judge me!)

What's the secret? A family recipe, tested, and perfected over time. The first and main ingredient is high quality All-American Beef, Chicken, or Turkey (no overseas meat whatsoever!). The natural, smokey flavor comes from being slow-smoked for 15 hours. These premium treats have a great, natural, and soft texture dogs love... even the fussiest dog ever will gobble these up and ask for more! #truth

Bottom line is... these premium treats are safe, healthy, low calorie, high protein snacks that your dog will love - GUARANTEED.

Liver treats: Rocco & Roxie's gourmet liver treats are lovingly made in the USA in small batches. High-quality beef liver is the only ingredient. The natural, smokey flavor comes from being slow-smoked for 15 hours. They have a crunchy texture that dogs love.

No other treat of its kind compares on either taste or quality. If you're looking for a delicious, healthy treat your dogs will love, you've found the best choice. All of their treats are safe, too! Rocco & Roxie never ever adds wheat, corn, soy, or gluten fillers. Just lots and lots of meaty goodness, coming from pure good ol' American farms.


Now that we have a puppy in our household, we desperately needed a great urine and odor eliminator! Gunner has been way more difficult to potty train than Abbie EVER was.

Rocco & Roxie’s Professional Strength Bio-Enzymatic formula is our new favorite cleaning product! We seriously use it for everything! We use it on our dog beds, to clean the kennels, our car (leather and fabric), dog blankets, couch pillows! You can use it for WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES! <3

It’s guaranteed to virtually eliminate any stain and odor from urine, feces, vomit, and other organic stains. I can attest to this because we use it religiously! It also discourages your pooch being attracted to the same spot because odors disappear in addition to it removing stains from your home furnishings!

This product has earned the Seal of Approval from the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Beware of products without the CRI Seal of Approval because they may permanently damage your carpet. SCARY! Their formula has a very pleasant smell and it’s child and (of course) pet safe, environmentally friendly, and proudly made in the USA to the highest quality standards.


I'm sure your pups love to play as much as mine! When it came to making a line of toys that our best friends could really love on and squeak the living daylights out of, Rocco & Roxie designed a variety of great toys that are perfect for shaking, cuddling, tossing, and taking to bed. (You have to admit: they'd be pretty adorable on your bed too.) Plus, each comes with a super satisfying squeaker that's comforting and busy-making for crate times and home alone times when you're out and about. Of course, like all things Rocco & Roxie, their toys are made of high-quality materials, sophisticated styling, irresistible play appeal in mind. "Beats chasing your tail every time."


After a pawfect day of chasing squirrels, rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt, romping through the mountains, or playing with their furiends at daycare, our pups just need a good bath!!

We have yet to try Rocco & Roxie's Shampoo, but the reviews are AMAZING! We can't wait to try them!!! Check out their website for details on which Shampoo is best for your fur baby.

You won't find bad things for your pup, such as formaldehyde (attacks the central nervous system), parabens (found in cancer), phthalates (damages the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system), isopropyl alcohol (a known depressant, nerve toxin, lung and heart irritant, and liver toxin), or mineral oil (a byproduct of distilled gasoline made from crude oil. Coats anything it comes into contact with which keeps the skin from releasing it's own natural oils or eliminating toxins).

Believe it or not, you'll find these ingredients in many other dog shampoos! Rocco & Roxie never mask their products with artificial colors or dyes, which are associated with many forms of cancer! Never. They're all about what's natural and best for your dog!

“You will be 100% satisfied or we'll give you your money back. Only the best, for our pets and yours.” - Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

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