Rowdy Corazón!

Friday, my favorite day of the week for many reasons! And one of those reasons would be that Friday is the day of the week that we get to share with our fellow crazy dog moms the companies and products that we love. And today is no different, we are going crazy in love over Rowdy Corazón!!!

The mastermind behind this amazing Etsy shop is Thelma! Rowdy Corazón, is an only Etsy shop that sells unique and handmade goodies! She is based out of Chicago, when she has a full time job as the Communications and Development Coordinator and Teaching Artist at ElevArte Community Studio.

Thelma learned to knit her senior year of art school and this opened a new creative door for her. Knitting then turned into sewing and that led us to Rowdy Corazón! Everything started to fall into place when her fiance and her adopted their dog, Tula. She was shopping for fabric and the ida to make a banda in a fun new print her her! She loved the idea of making pet bandanas in unexposed, yet sophisticated prints. That both dog moms and their fur-babies would love!

Thelma choose the name Rowdy Corazón, because as an artist, she always knew that she was on the right track, yet challenging herself when my heart (corazón) flutters with excitement.

She sees her bandanas as a way of letting pets’ personalities shine. Many owners attribute different qualities to their pets; some are tough, while others are more feminine or elegant. Thelma tries to mix up my offerings while keeping them fresh, fun and relevant. I would say, she does an amazing job at it! I am so obsessed with designs!

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Roady Corazón

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