The Pup-Friendly Rug!


If anyone knows me, they know that I love home decor. There is just something about your home being put together in the perfect way that embodies your own style while still be functional. Having three dogs can make that first part a little hard at times, finding pieces that work for both my style and for dog mom life can be such a hassle, especially with very active, very shreddable dogs! One of my biggest challenges with putting my NYC apartment together is finding the perfect rug. A rug that first off looks amazing, but most of all can out-stand two border collies and Dominican that go to the dog park every day and leave their hair wherever they go.  I have had every rug you could think of, you know the trendy shaggy one, that one from Ikea, and everything in between. None of them ever lived up to the dog messes, and dog accidents in your home and all had to be thrown out after a while. That was until we came across Ruggable. Ruggable was made for people like me, people that love the style but also love their pets (or kids) just as much. There are so many things about Ruggable that I love, one being that they are beautiful, and soft AF! I also love love love how easy they are to vacuum. I have never had a rug that was so easily vacuumed and the dog hair just disappeared, with all the other rugs, the hair would always just find a way to stick to the rugs, not with Ruggable tho! Another amazing thing about this company is that they are 100% washable, that's right, your dog can take a huge sh*t right in the middle and you can just ball that thing up and throw it in the washer! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! We got the chance to ask the founder and CEO some questions about her fur-baby and about her amazing company! See her answers below.

How did you get started?

       My co-founder and I were inspired by the Huggable Hanger®️ invented by Joy Mangano (movie Joy with Jennifer Lawrence). She Reinvented a household staple and made life easier. You no longer had to deal with your clothes slipping off iron hangers or thick wooden hangers that would take up too much space in your closet. We asked ourselves what else isn’t functional in our home lives that could make our lives a lot easier? That’s when my miniature pincher named Bambi had an accident on my new area rug. I tried I tried every miracle carpet cleaner and DIY online tip, but nothing could Completely remove the stain and odor from deep within the carpet fibers. That’s when the idea came to me, that rugs needed to be as easy to clean as bedding towels and other home textiles.

Tell us about your pups!

Coming up with the idea was the easy took forever to figure out how to manufacture the product. Bambi was there to road test several prototypes but she’s now my little angel. I have a standard size Golden-doodle named Benny. It’s so great not to worry about all the dirt he tracks in the house or his occasional scoot on the rug. It really does make life more enjoyable when you can make a mess that it so easy to clean up.

What and who influence your work?

Aside from Joy, I had a background in product development for hair and cosmetics.  My former boss, Sandy Saputo, was an amazing mentor. And, all the people who encouraged me to keep working on the Ruggable concept even when it was looking like an impossible feat.

What is another dog brand you love and why?

   Just Food for Dogs. Their goal is to create human-grade whole foods for dogs so they can live longer. I want my dog to live forever!

What keeps you inspired?

Now, it’s the amazing people who work for me and being able to create a quality product with an inspiring work culture and environment.

What is new for your company?

Ruggable materials have always been nontoxic, stain resistant and washable, but now our covers have a physical waterproof barrier to prevent liquids from seeping through the cover onto the pad. It makes it that much easier to clean up a mess, and is the key to very happy customers :)

Here are some of our favorite rugs from the Ruggable collection. If you are in the market for a new rug, or if you just want your whole life to change by getting a new rug, then do yourself and your home a favor by checking out Ruggable! Also be sure to follow them on IG at @ruggable.