Saved Kisses- Clothing for the Fashionista Animal Activist

“Saved Kisses is getting back in touch with our hearts.”

This quote alone had me hooked. Call me cheesy, but any consumer item that has a sincere passion behind it, I am all over it… add a respect and love for animals on top of that- I’m addicted! 

At first glance, Saved Kisses seems like any fashionista’s dream ensemble, and in a way, it is! There is not one girl out there who would take a look at Saved Kisses' clothing and not aspire to add it to their own closet. But whenever you take a deeper look, the clothing is more than just trendy, it's gentle. 

"Gentle" may seem like an odd way to describe clothing, especially high end fashion, but this is the exact adjective you will find in their product description. Saved Kisses creations are gentle, not only in the way they feel, but in the way they are produced. Let me break this down for you.

During the production of their entire clothing line…

  • No animals are captured or killed
  • No cheap labor is purchased
  • No harsh chemicals or dyes are used
  • Packaging is made with recycled materials
  • 100% of clothing is made in the good ole US of A

How beautiful is that?

I can attest to the glamorous look AND feel of their products. The stretchy and flexible fabric (92% modal- a non-synthetic based fabric that is also biodegradable) on your skin seriously feels better than the clothes that I wear to bed. I genuinely feel comfortable wearing this to both the beach and to a party.

So back to the quote that had me hooked, “Saved Kisses is getting back in touch with our hearts…. An educated consumer purchase can make the world a better and gentler place.”

Visit them today online and be THAT smart shopper that the world needs us all to be.

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Look good and feel good with Saved Kisses.

Peta approved. Gal’s Best Friend approved.