Shopping For A Cause!

Shopping. My second favorite word, next to puppy in the english vocabulary. And I sure do put that word to good use A LOT. As much time as I spend on online shopping or walking around soho buying things I really don’t need, I get so excited when I see companies and products that give back to a good cause, and even better when that cause has to do with dogs!!! I have pulled together some of the best collaborations that involve helping our favorite fur-balls! So the next time you want to go for some retail therapy make sure you check some of these out and save a life while you’re at it!! HAPPY SHOPPING!



How amazing are these glasses!!! And the prices are amazing!


Um, Chocolate…. should we say more??


A little something, something for your pups!


These are the BEST and most comfy shoes I have! They are the PAWFECT dog park show!


Vino….yup, that all we have to say about this one.


A little #dogmom swag for the bed!


The perfect blanket for a cuddle sesh with you man…. who are we getting with your pup!

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