The Best Slow Feeders

Pharrell and Rosie have always been crazy when it come to breakfast and dinner time. Like, they lose their minds as soon as I say the word “food”! I put the food down and it is gone by the time I get back to the kitchen. I thought they were the worst when it came to eating fast, until I met sweet Rumba girl. This chick finishes her food before I even turn my back. Twice a day, I think in my head, there is no way in heck, that this is good for her! After putting it off for months, I decided to look into slow feeders, because apparently this is an issue for many #dogmoms out there! I have pulled together some of my favorites! If your pups eats like it their last meal, make sure you check out some of these awesome feeders! Please comment below on some of your favs and how they work for you!

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