So Fresh and So Clean

Sundays, are made up of church, brunch, a spin class and or bar for football, dog park and lastly dog bath night! Pharrell and Rosie’s, favorite night of the week…. NOT. I swear they know  the days of the week, every Sunday, they both have a different mood, it’s like they knows it’s coming. I don’t get the big deal with dogs not liking baths? I mean, come on, someone you love that is rubbing you down, using warm water and washing your hair…. then giving you a blow out! I mean, if I could get that everyday, sign. me. up!

But, the sad truth is that they hate them, Pharrell looks at me like I am lathering him with green flubber and then washing him off with some kind of bug water! With all of that being said, I try to use the best of the best when washing him, hoping it will make him realize one day, that bath are a good thing! We are still working on that thought process, slowly but surely we are getting there! I have pulled some of the best dog shampoos out there! Any pup, would be silly to not enjoy being lathered up in these! Well, mine aren’t really enjoying it but he is learning! Hopefully y’all will have better luck!!