Soggy Doggy

Sunday. My favorite day for many reasons, such as church, brunch, football, and being lazy whenever I decide to. Pharrell and Rosie’s worst day, because Sundays are officially puppy bath day. Every week, like clock work Frick & Frack get their baths. And for some reason, every time they have the thought in their minds that I must hate them and their lives are completely over. Whatever dudes, you smell! Get in the bath! But of course, after the bath comes the shaking and paying me back for the bath by getting everything in my bathroom and living room as wet as they can possibly get it and then Soggy Doggy has come to the rescue.


Joanne Rein is the brains behind this amazing product and I owe everything to her! She got the idea for Soggy Doggy door mat after going to her kids swim meet and watching them dry off with a super-absorbent shammy. She then got the idea, that if a small piece of material could dry off a wet child, then why wasn't there something similar for her 4 wet dog paws had at home.  



After many tries and tests from her pup, Buddy, after rain storms and muddy paws, she found the perfect mix of materials in a microfiber chenille shag! The product isn’t only crazy absorbent, but it also snags a decent amount of debris. She was blown away by how great it caught all the dirt and water off her pup! And her pup loved how soft it was that he used it as bed whenever he could.

All of us Gal’s absolutely love our Soggy Doggy doormats and towels.


We don’t just use the Soggy Doggy mat and towel for bathing… We have the mat under Abbie and Gunner’s food and water bowl because, I swear, they leave more water on the floor than the amount they consume!! We have also used the Soggy Doggy towel for accidents (spilled drinks, potty training, dishwasher overflowing, etc). SERIOUSLY FOR EVERYTHING! I can’t imagine my life without SoggyDog! #heavensent


If you are anything like us Gal's and this is a struggle for you, please do yourself and your home a favor....get a SoggyDoggy Doormat!!!!! Your like will be forever changed and you can join the club of the happy and clean dog moms of the world!