Spring Cleaning with Bissell!

IT’S SPRING!!!!! Thank you baby Jesus, teenage Jesus, and grown man Jesus!!! I feel like I have been waiting 54 months for this to come! As I was switching out my closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer, it hit me that Pharrell and Rosie have taken over every inch of my 950 sq feet Upper East Side apartment. DOG EVERYWHERE!! Even in places that the dogs have never been…. Like hair on the top shelf of my closet…. I don’t think I have even been up there! I realized that there is no better time to do my “Spring Cleaning” than now. And maybe my breathing and overall health would be better as a result of no dog hair… at least for a little while!

Having two very active pups in New York City, we are outside A LOT! Weather it is just a long walk down 2nd Avenue, a trip to the dog park, a day at Central Park, or just hanging out in the backyard, their paws are all over this city!! We have baby wipes (cheaper, than paw wipes) by the front door and back door! EVERY time we come in they know to sit and get their paws wiped down! This has helped so much with not bringing the city into our apartment multiple times a day! However, even though the wipes have helped so much, we still have to vacuum … A LOT!

We have had the pleasure of teaming up with Bissell! We have the BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Upright Vacuum | 1650A! And to say that it has been life changing is a total understatement. We have tried about 3-4 other vacuums, and none of them have compared to how amazing our new Bissell is. The Pet Hair eraser is designed to make the everyday struggle of cleaning up after your fur-child, easier than cleaning up after your 34 year old man-child.

One of my favorite things about this heaven sent vacuum is the Tangle-Free Brush Roll! It literally picks up Pharrell's, Rosie’s and most importantly MY hair. This powerhouse of a vac, also captures allergens with SmartSeal™ Allergen System with Febreze®. The Pet Hair Eraser also removes embedded pet hair everywhere with specialized pet tools, and when you're finished cleaning, enjoy a hands-free tank empty with our patented Cyclonic Spooling System™. There is also amazing attachable tools, including the LED-Lit crevice tool to uncover dirt that we always seem to miss! I mean they have thought of everything!

Besides BISSELL having amazing products for the #dogmoms of the world. They are giving back and putting pets first in so many other ways. Through the BISSELL Pet Foundation they are assisting animal welfare organizations all across the country. They are helping rescue the number of dogs and cats in shelters and rescues through pet adoptions. They are apart of many spay and neuter programs along with microchipping and helping with foster care. They host events called Empty The Shelter where almost three thousand pets now have FURever homes. BISSELL Pet Foundation has saved 87,853 animals by working to end pet homelessness as well. I mean, if this doesn't make you do backflips over this amazing pet loving company then, well, I am sure you are human! BISSELL Pet Foundation has also been apart of spay and neutering over 32,000 pets!

BISSELL doesn't just have one product for us crazy dog moms, but over 20 different vacuums to choose from! Along with all their Pet Eraser cleaning products and we are in love with every single one of them!

It’s a new year, which means time for a new vacuum right? Make sure you check out BISSELL for all of your dog mom cleaning needs. After you get your BISSELL locked and loaded with all the dog hair floating around you home and you are all done with your Spring puppy cleaning, go put on that cute spring dress you got on sale in October, pour a glass of Rose, light a Henri Bendel candle, and invite some friends over to your newly clean, dog hair free, fresh smelling home!