Spring Cleaning Puppy Style

IT’S SPRING!!!!! Thank you baby Jesus, teenage Jesus, and grown man Jesus!!! I feel like I have been waiting 54 months for this to come! As I was switching out my closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer, it hit me that Pharrell and Rosie have taken over every inch of my 950 sq feet Upper East Side apartment. DOG EVERYWHERE!! Even in places that the dogs have never been…. Like hair on the top shelf of my closet…. I don’t think I have even been up there!

I realized that there is no better time to do my “Spring cleaning” than now. And maybe my breathing and overall health would be better as a result of no dog hair… at least for a little while!

First thing is first, start with a bath!! Clean the source of the dirt and dander before moving on! We personally use aTobiko organic dog products, they are the best! Check out our post on how freaking amazing they are so you can stock up to start your own spring cleaning off right! Anyways, after they are both out of the bath, it’s time for them to get “Furminatored” and a blow out.



I know, I know…. I don’t even get blow outs! But this really helps with the shedding!!! The Furminator is probably my favorite thing that I have, I swear by the time I am done with both of them I have enough fur on my floor to make another dog. And the best part about it is that they LOVE it, Pharrell literally sits there with his eyes closed and a smirk on his little panda face!




After the bath, I went ahead and just dove head first into the bathroom! We use all non-cruelty cleaning products that are safe for both the pups and us! (I am still trying to find out how there was dog hair BEHIND the toilet, mind blown.) These products are also great for the kitchen and all the other glass in the apartment that has sweet dog kisses all over it!

Next is the floors! Having two very active pups in New York City, we are outside A LOT! Weather it is just a long walk down 2nd Avenue, a trip to the dog park, a day at Central Park, or just hanging out in the backyard, their paws are all over this city!! We have baby wipes (cheaper, than paw wipes) by the front door and back door! EVERY time we come in they know to sit and get their paws wiped down! This has helped so much with not bringing the city into our apartment multiple times a day! However, even though the wipes have helped so much, we still have to vacuum … A LOT!

The best thing I think that was ever invented was the Roomba! If you haven’t heard of this amazing MUST have, please just google, YouTube, or ask anyone you know about it! It is a cordless vacuum that is literally a robot! You don’t have to do ANYTHING!! We put it on when we are out of the house, because it’s a little loud but, it just goes around your entire house picking up everything piece of dog hair, dog toys that use to be (R.I.P.), dog food that didn’t make it all the way down, or anything else!

After your pup is clean, the bathroom is sparkling, and your Roomba has done its work for the day, make sure you don’t forget about all your fur-babies belongings! It’s hard to remember sometimes that we should clean their dishes and wash their sheets and give their toys a good wipe down! For example, the other day I had realized that I had been a bad #dogmom when I looked down at Pharrell and Rosie’s dishes and saw that they looked as if I hadn’t cleaned them in months! I now have an alarm on my phone for every Sunday night to clean their dishes! It has helped so much, not to mention I’m sure that their food and water actually taste like food and water now…..oops!

On top of the dishes, it’s also a good idea to clean their bedding every few weeks and throw their toys in a the wash or at least wipe them down! Nylon and rubber toys can easily be thrown into the dishwasher as well, just run them through the hot cycle without detergent! The heat and water pressure should kill most of the germs and remove all dirt too!

The last and best thing is to have is an air filter! Airborne pet odor and dander get trapped in your air filters and are constantly dispersed throughout your home, over and over and over again. Some of us don’t even notice it because we are so used to the smell and not being able to breathe correctly. But the next time a friend comes over, that isn’t afraid to tell you the truth, ask them about it!  Then I promise you will want to go and get yourself an air filter! Once you get one make sure you change or clean it monthly! So overall, this will not only save you money by improving your AC’s lifespan but will also help remove odors and flying pet hair!

Now that you have done all your Spring puppy cleaning, go put on that cute Spring dress you got on sale in October, pour a glass of Rose, light a Henri Bendel candle, and invite some friends over to your newly clean, dog hair free, fresh smelling home!