Sunny Dog Bake Shop

We are all addicted to emojis, if we like it or not, we use them about 78.5 times a day! They make every convo and IG post about 100 times better than it would ever be without them! Sunny Dog Bake Shop caught my eye, when I saw her adorable bandanas with…wait for it…. Emoji patches!

Katie used to be in marketing and events at a humane society, she left the shelter to open up a little boutique and grooming salon in Cleveland ( ) where her dogs come to with her her everyday….aka everyone DREAM JOB! Katie has always loved being creative and loves to follow fun fashion bloggers, as well as on IG and living on Pinterest should be on her resume as well (just like every girl alive) After realizing all the time she was spending admiring everyone else’s creative sides, she decided to put hers to work and start to create something fun for her dog. She started out with some AMAZING hand dyed rope leashes, then treat and now bandanas!!


Katie also makes custom treats! And Pharrell and Rosie LOVE them. It took awhile for to be okay with parting from them because of how freaking cute they are. But, Pharrell has mastered the puppy eye look….so they are all gone now. They are made with organic coconut oil, organic eggs, peanut butter, pumpkin and whole wheat flour!!! And they smell AMAZING!

Make sure you check out Sunny Dog Bake Shop TODAY, weather it is just getting a new bandana, a new leash or getting some treats for you fur-baby!

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