#dogmom truth with Supreme Source!

Being a dog mom is the best thing in the world. You come home to a beautiful, furry, loving ball of joy every single day and they act like they haven't seen you in years when it’s only been less than 30 minutes at times. But, with all the joy of being a dog momma comes to the hard pressure of making sure that you are truly being the best of the best for your fur-babe. We’ve said it once and we will say it again, we gals are super serious about what we give our pups to eat, and we get even more serious when it comes to shopping for the perfect diet. There can be so many choices out there when it comes to the food we give our pups, so knowing that Supreme Source products are Made in America, from the world’s finest ingredients, which means no Corn, no wheat, no soy, and no artificial flavors or colors makes all the worries disappear.

Supreme Source is running a fun campaign this Mother’s Day season, called Dog Mom Truths! I mean how amazing is that?! There are so many truths out there that we are all living with these days. Having two dogs in New York City means that my new Brooklyn apartment is covered in dog hair and then throw in our newest babe, Rumba… and well, you know. Hair is everywhere, like even in places that I didn’t know the dogs have ever been. So when it comes to me leaving the house every day, their hair is my best accessory. I USED to have a lint roller with me at all times and I took a good 15 minutes before I left the house to make sure I was “dog hair” free. Well, now that I am doing in 3 dogs deep, I don’t even think about it. I just let the hair be part of my outfit! And I wear black all the time, sooo, you can see the hair A LOT.  

Another truth I think all of us gals can we relate with is that we don't really go to the dog park for our dogs…. We go for ourselves. After a long day at work and a packed subway on the way home, what is better than taking the pups to the park and being surrounded by 30+ dogs all at once? I don’t even care if my dogs are enjoying themselves half the time, I am there to get all the pup vibes!

A dog mom truth that is kinda embarrassing but kinda true is “I brush my dog's hair more than I brush mine”. I mean, they have to look good at all times, and well I can just throw this mop into a messy bun and call it a day!

We gals love Supreme Source, we love their healthy recipes for our fur-babies, which leads us to our last dog mom truth….. My dog lives a healthier lifestyle than I do. I mean, we try to get on the gluten-free, all organic train, but that shiz can be expensive and I would rather spend all my money on making sure the fur-babies are eating the best of the best, sleeping on the best dog beds, taking all the classes they need and everything else their little hearts want!