Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet – Box Subscription: Who doesn’t like a good surprise? And mainly who doesn’t like surprising their pup! I absolutely love getting packages in the mail, and whenever i walk in with a box, Pharrell automatically assumes that it is for him (most of the time he is right). He loses it! Like goes crazy and he doesn’t even know what is, so when it really does end up being for him, it’s so fun to watch him! With all that being said, one of our favorite companies is Surprise My Pet! This pet box company, makes it fun for your pets to get mail! They have great prices and amazing, healthy and high quality toys and treats for you pups! They also throw in a little something for us humans as well (we got a travel size lint roller, I’ll take as many as those as i can). They include 5-7 every month in every box, so you are for sure getting a bang for your buck and they also ship WORLDWIDE!!!! Another amazing things about them is that you can cancel anytime (which you want) or you can skip a box! They also have a Paw for Paw guarantee, so if your puppy doesn’t like an item they will send an extra item in the next box you get!

The best about about Surprise My Pet, is that they donate 10% of its profits to help charities and shelters across the US, so its like you are helping and spoiling all the same time!

Make sure you go check them out, trust me your and your pup will love them!

Use the promo code to save 10% off any subscriptions! GALSBESTFRIEND

IG: @surprisemypet

1 month – $25.00

3 months- $23.00

12 months- $19.00

Free Shipping