Surprise Pawty - Monthly Box Subscription

Y’all know that I love nothing more than seeing the excitement on Abbie and Gunner’s faces when they receive a box in the mail! This monthly subscription box is no exception. And the business name gets me just as hyped! We tested out Surprise Pawty, which is basically a surprise party for your dog every month! SO CUTE, RIGHT?!


So, you’re probably like, “why would I want to subscribe to another monthly box for my dog? Well, first of all, THEY INCLUDE HUMAN THINGS TOO! So they don’t forget the pawrents, which is really nice, ya know?! It’s a surprise for all! AND these boxes are catered to your dog; size, breed, likes and dislikes. If it’s your pup’s barkday month, they’ll make the box extra special too! No other box does that that I know of! I’m already in love with this.


Okay, now the fun part! What came in our box, you ask? Well, I’m terrible and have no self control when it comes to Abbie and Gunner opening a box. I took a video but failed to take any decent pictures! So sorry, furiends! We had to use a pawfect picture from Surprise Pawty’s Facebook page (which is super cute so you should go like it right now).

Abbie and Gunner favorite from the box: The treat dispensing hippo. I'm not sure why they were entirely obsessed with this thing... But they fought over it for hours after opening the box! LOL. It was pretty entertaining!

My favorite from the box: Okay, so there were a few human things and they all hold a great purpose (dog bone key chain, poop bags, koozie) and I have to say that my favorite is the koozie! I love using it and showing it off at work. Keep calm and Pawty on, people!!!

The Chicken flavored Beach BBQ Bites, strangely, smell SO GOOD!!! Not like dog treats, but like human-grade dried chicken.

The little watermelon wedge is a float toy, cold toy, or just a regular play toy! I soaked it with water, froze it, and then let the dogs play with it. They had an absolute blast with it! Just be careful, it's a little hard when you first take it out of the freezer! LOL.

I can't wait to try the Nose wax. This will be great for before and after our weekend hikes! This stuff is good for moisturizing their noses whether they're just dry or if they got a little sun. I'm sure people will think "Oh, hey! A Summer essential!" But I think this is a Winter must have too!

OKAY PEOPLE! You have 10 DAYS to order June’s Pawty Box!!! You and your pup will be SO excited… I mean SURPRISED when you receive this month’s box. Have a pawty, furiends!! A #surprisepawty!

Surprise Pawty believes that every day with our fur babies should be a celebration. And their boxes serve that exact purpose! They make it their mission to paw-pick (Get it? Like hand pick? Haha.) only the very best products for our dogs as they would for theirs. Their priority is to include natural, healthy, organic treats and safe and durable toys! Not only that, as pawrents themselves, they understand the time and commitment it takes to care for our fur babies, which is why Surprise Pawty boxes are catered to us as well! With their boxes, you will discover innovative and exciting products that serve to make caring for your pup easier!


Thanks, Surprise Pawty! Abbie and Gunner are thoroughly enjoying the contents of their box!