The Honest Kitchen

Being a school teacher, one of the first things that I always try to instill in my students is to be an honest person. Sometimes this task is an easy one… other times… not so much, as you can imagine the challenges when it comes to 6 year olds. But regardless, I think that everything good in this world starts from a kind and honest heart. Whether that honesty is applied to money, friends, work, or even food, honesty is always an important component.

Although my child has four legs and fur, it doesn’t mean I care any less about what kind of food he eats. In fact, I probably care/worry more about it than I should… but, that’s besides the point! What I am trying to say is that I want to know what my dog is eating. Bottom line. And when I first heard of The Honest Kitchen, it almost seemed too good to be true!

Keeping things honest, I was instantly able to trust this amazing company based on their clearly stated ingredients, remarkable reviews and honorable company history.

So what exactly is The Honest Kitchen?

It all started in 2002 when Lucy, a fellow dog mom like ourselves, was simply trying to feed her pup fresh ingredients. Something she could count on to not only satisfy the taste buds of her pal but also provide some health benefits as well. Long story short, and many messy clean ups later, Lucy’s Little Kitchen grew and grew and slowly evolved into the amazing company it is today… The Honest Kitchen

What does The Honest Kitchen have to offer!

Let’s start by thinking about a time when you’ve jammed an entire bag of cheese puffs, popcorn and possibly a pizza while binge watching your favorite TV drama. Okay, so yes, it was delicious… but how did you feel the next day? Like crud! This same truth goes for your dog too! Of course they like to eat all of the scraps and dig in the trash occasionally, but it isn’t the food they need nor deserve! The Honest Kitchen has taken this idea to the next level and made our life as dog moms much easier!

This diagram kind of brought it all to light for me!

These amazing chefs have built relationships with suppliers and producers all over the world who they trust. They know EXACTLY where every single ingredient is coming from, from green beans to chicken, all are delivered with 100% HONESTY and 100% HUMAN GRADE quality! (If you are unfamiliar with what human grade means, it basically is stating the food is actually fit for a human to consume, which is VERY rare in pet foods.)

The honest goodness, taste tested by yours truly, Drake, Pharrell, Rosie, and Abbie, was paws down, unanimously a huge hit! The dehydrated meals were a change for me personally, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to prepare. Add water and mix. That’s it and that’s all. We definitely recommend looking into The Honest Kitchen for yourself, you will be in awe! Plus, if you are nervous to purchase an entire box before knowing if it’s right for you, you can order a sample size starting as low as $2.00! Beyond food, there even have some amazing and delicious treats as well, Drake personally LOVED the fish skins!

Give your pup the HONEST thing they need AND deserve and keep that tail wagging happily for many, many years to come!

P.S... I know this is a #dogblog but for all of those crazy cat ladies out there...
they have something for you guys too!!



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