The Long Dog Clothing

Living in New York City with 3 big-ish dogs can be difficult sometimes! The winters are cold and long here, and for some reason most dog companies think that only small teacup pups need warm cute clothes for the long winter walks and the the big dogs can either tuff it out or get the plain jane solid colors, no thought put into it, styles. Well, as a dog mom with a background in the fashion industry, I am here to say that this is not okay and I can’t deal with it anymore! First off I am a big dog kinda girl, and I am also the kinda girl where my patines and bars always match. SO when it comes to Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba, I want them to be on the same page as me and also be warm and conformable at all time during this cold winter months. Side note: this post is making me think about when I live somewhere where is colder long that its warm…. Back to Texas soon?? Okay, sorry back to the point, bigger puts need swag as well! Please enter one of my new favorite companies The Long Dog Clothing!  Anthony and Courtney are the two mastermind behind this great company! They started The Long Dog Clothing Co. for their two fur-babes Molly and Lincoln, who are both bigger and longer dogs! We asked the two some questions that we were dying to know about them and their business, below are their answers in their worlds!

How did you get started?

Well I guess it starts with our two rescue fur babies, Lincoln and Molly. We adopted Lincoln first, then decided he could use a companion and rescued Molly less than a year later. One year while visiting my brother in Las Vegas, it was freezing and we wanted to keep our pups warm, so we headed to a big box store and got them a couple of sweaters. Sad to say that not only were the sweaters cheaply made, but they also simply didn't fit right. You see, Lincoln and Molly--by sheer coincidence--are both long dogs. We think they're basset mixes since they have short legs and front paws that turn out, but we're not really sure to be honest! Fast forward a few years and Courtney was pregnant with our first child. Having always been in the workforce, Courtney was going a little stir crazy since she had just quit her fashion job a few months back, and she had trouble finding worthwhile work while being pregnant. On a whim, I suggested that she combine her talents in fashion with her love of dogs--why not create some clothing for the oft overlooked long dog? Courtney got to work right away and 11 prototypes later, we felt satisfied with the fit of our first shirt. Strategically placed armholes, an extended back, broader chest, and of course our unique "dewlap" neck piece made our shirt perfect for not only our fur babies, but for long dogs everywhere!

One of the reasons Courtney quit her job was because she didn't feel like the work she was doing was fulfilling enough. She felt like a tiny cog in a huge machine. With that in mind, we decided to try and make a difference by donating 15% of our proceeds to dog charity. It's a great feeling to know that our clothing isn't just solving a fit-issue, but it's actually going toward helping needy dogs across the country.

It's been just over two years now since we started LDCC, and what started as a suggestion has now become a real company. We're sold online and in some stores (we hope to get into more), and our clothing is being worn by dogs across the globe! From LA to New York to London to the Philippines, we're honored that fur babies everywhere are rocking our gear. And by the way, that doesn't go for just long dogs. Our clothing actually fits most breeds great! From pugs to whippets to Australian cattle dogs, we've loved seeing our customers tag us in their new threads.

Tell us about your pups!

Lincoln was our "firstborn." Funny story, we may have opted to rescue a puppy together because we were waiting until we got married to have kids. Either way, we were so glad we did. Lincoln was maybe the most adorable puppy we've ever seen (but we all say that right?). Literally Courtney was stopped on the street by a driving vehicle to let her know how cute they thought Lincoln was. We called him our Disney dog. The rescue had told us he was a beagle dachshund mix, so we thought he'd be about 20-25lbs. But as it goes with rescues...they were wrong, haha. He is now a 40-something lb stocky guy, and we think he must be a basset mix.

We wanted to find him a companion for when we weren't home, but we were a little hesitant to get a second dog. Well, that was until we saw Gavin, this Samoyed puppy that was posted on our dog-boarding company's facebook. He was soooo adorable, and they told us that he was found on the street, malnourished and just in terrible shape. Something took over us and we felt that we HAD to adopt him. We inquired about him immediately, but sadly after a few days, they informed us that he had had too many problems, and that they had to put him down. We're not sure how we had become so attached to a photo, but the idea of rescuing a second puppy couldn't leave us, so we went searching. After more research, everything stopped when I saw Molly. She had a patch on her eye. I mean, who doesn't love a dog with a patch on their eye?! I told Courtney she was the one. So we went and met her and immediately fell in love. We took her home and introduced her to Lincoln, and it turns out he was probably fine just being the lone dog, LOL. He still growls when she gets too close to him, but he's actually very protective of her (and loves to clean her ears). By coincidence, we think Molly is also a basset mix, as she's a solid stocky dog with the turned out front paws as well. Who knows and who cares though, right? We love them both!

What and who influence your work?

It was a mix of this entrepreneurial hunger and a desire to help dogs and just dumb luck and perfect timing that really made us do this. But as the business side has progressed, we've found that we really do want to make a difference with the donations we make. Very much like you guys have mentioned yourselves on your site--doing the day-to-day at a rescue would be difficult for us, but finding SOME way to help is what makes us proud of LDCC. Our puppies really made a huge difference in our lives, so we wanted to find a way to help others experience the same amazing feeling they gave us. As far as who influences our work? That would be the dogs. More and more, donating to dogs and helping to spread the word about adoption has become our core mission. We hope that one day we can become big enough to even open up our own foundation, and that we can profit enough to increase our donation percentage so we can help more pups. It's rescues like Best Friend's Animal Society, Susie's Senior Dogs, and the Humane Society that do such great work who inspire us to continue pushing forward. When we read the stories of their needy pups, we're touched and inspired to keep pushing forward.

What keeps you inspired?

Well I think we answered that above. The hope that we can become something great in order to help as many needy pups as we can is what motivates us to strive for more. Collaborating with Gal's Best Friend is just one example of how we hope to create more exposure for our brand so that we can grow and do just that.

I mean, aren't they great!!! I know, I know, you are probably already on their site adding more and more to your shopping cart by now. One of my favorite things about LDCC is that they give 15% back to charities, so its like you are saving a dog and making yours look chic AF all at once. I also love how you get two for one with all their items, they are all reversible!

Here are some of our favorite looks!

If you have a longer or bigger size pup and you are always looking for something new and stylish then please do yourself a favor and check out The Long Dog Clothing Co., you will be so happy with your purchase! They also make great gifts for all the dog lovers out there!