The Missing Link

Do you remember the first day you brought home your precious pup? And the bonding that took place over the first few weeks and continues to happen now? Well, do you remember the first family photo where your pup was included? How can we forget these perfect memories?! We can't! And that’s because our pups are members of the family. The Missing Link knows that we feel this way about our pups because they feel that way about theirs too!

It’s proven that pets make us healthier, adding years to our lives. The Missing Link is returning the favor with their daily superfood supplements. Veterinarian-formulated, The Missing Link uses only the best natural and most effective ingredients, adding essential, “loving life” nutrition into each bite.

We gals believe that our fur kids deserve to live a happy and healthy life. We also believe in supporting all animals’ well-being because no matter what species of fur baby you have, they are members of the family! In fact, why are we calling them pets?! They have US, am I right?? We are responsible for their health and whole food nutrition is a MUST.


Veterinarian-formulated and pet-approved, each and every one of these products has been carefully crafted to include everything a fur parent would need to deliver all the nutrition their fur kiddo needs. Whole food nutrition? Check! Premium ingredients? You betcha! Taste that gets those tails wagging and mouths watering? Duh! The Missing Link only creates the highest quality organic pet supplements because our fur kids are exactly that – our kids! Better believe that the best dog mom award goes to all of us now!





We tried The Missing Link’s powder supplement (puppy and adult). We just added a scoop of it to Abbie and Gunner’s food (SUPER easy and convenient!) and they absolutely LOVED it! It’s like a little garnishing to top of their food. We’ll have to try out their Superfood Dental Chews next because I can only imagine those to be a huge hit as well! And our home furnishings will like the break from Gunner’s puppy habits (he chews on anything and everything he can get his snout around). The Missing Link’s supplement powder gets 8 paws of approval from Abbie and Gunner! Their natural supplements for dogs are veterinarian-formulated and (most importantly) pet-approved, with whole food nutrition and premium ingredients that are left out of even some of the best commercial pet foods.




I just have to take a moment to thank The Missing Link for making it so easy and convenient to provide superior nutrition for my dogs. From nutrition to taste, their products are absolutely amazing! Their customer service was also top notch! If you have any questions on which supplement to get, they address your all of your questions and concerns and are extremely knowledgeable.




The Missing Link believes in supporting the wellbeing of all animals, big and small. No really, ALL animals, both big and small! And, who needs to feel loved and supported more than our deserving canine and feline friends, still looking for their furever families or puppies and kitties that are super sick? No one! Check out The Missing Link's Zoo & Rescue Initiative and learn a little bit more about the dogs, cats, and sometime tigers, that The Missing Link helps to support. Tigerssss! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!



Here are the products we tried and truly believe in. Grab yours today! Your pup will thank you at dinner! ;)

"Who needs all the daily whole food nutrition they can get? Puppies, that's who! The Missing Link® Original Puppy Health Formula was created specifically to support the needs of our baby fur girls and boys. To support their growing bones, muscles and brains, The Missing Link® packs protein, calcium and phosphorus into each sprinkle of this superfood supplement powder. And, with balanced Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, a spoonful will support not only their skin, coat and immune system, but their eyes, ears, teeth and gums too. But, that's not all. Probiotics and dietary fiber have been added to support healthy digestion, a necessity for a dog of any age. Make sure your puppy starts every day with the nutritional goodness needed to grow up big and strong."


I've seen noticeable improvements in Abbie and Gunner while being on this supplement. Especially Gunner! He used to cry when we'd pick him up because (I think) his growing joints hurt him. But now we can wrestle with him and we don't hear any cries or complaints! He actually wants to wrestle more! #cutiealert

"Fur kiddo not getting around like he or she used to? Add a daily helping of The Missing Link® Original Ultimate Canine Hip, Joint & Coat to your pet's food. This powerful, powdered superfood supplement (say that three times fast!) is chock full of joint and bone health supporting glucosamine and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as dietary fiber and phytonutrients to support your pet's digestive system and overall health and happiness. Add a spoonful to your fur kid's bowl and get ready to run… or at least go for a really long walk."




“Being the best fur parent you can be starts with education. Make sure you check our blog regularly to fetch helpful tips, tricks, and words of advice to create a happier and better life for your fur baby.”