The Pampered Pooch

There is something about seersucker that makes me either want to go to Nantucket for the weekend or being in a frat at Harvard, haven’t really figured it out yet. But what I do know, is that I LOVE IT! And when I find a way to put seersucker on Pharrell and Rosie I am 100% down. The Pampered Pooches Dog Shop has made that dream come true for me!


Check out these amazing and adorable bow and flower collars from The Pampered Pooches!


Trina is the master mind behind this adorable shop, she started with only belly bands for male dogs, when she kept getting request for more items and things for girl dogs as well she added bandanas, flowers, bow ties and more! Here shop is going everyday and she has a great following, well because her products are ALL amazing and amazing quality! Make sure you check her out and get something new for your pups, whether it’s a bandana, bow ties, flower or just all! I promise, you won’t regret it!


The Pampered Pooches IG: @thepamperedpooches

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