The Pastel Pug Pet Portraits

It’s #artistthursday y’all!! Today we are going crazy over The Pastel Pug!!! I mean, just look at this painting she did of Pharrell and Rosie…. Need I say more? So freaking cute/great/amazing right?

Art and animals has always been a passion of Chelsea’s. She knew that becoming a pet portrait artists would the best way to perfectly incorporate her two greatest loves.

Chelsea use to work in environmental science, everyday she would rush home from work and pain her Pug, Ross in a million and one different poses and styles. She found herself in meetings, daydreaming about turning her cats into rainbows or incorporating them into classical painting like the Scream and Starry Night. She began painting any and every dog she came across to practice in hopes that one day turning her hobby into her job. About a year and a half ago she opened her amazing etsy shop and took a leap of faith to quit her full time job and become a full time pet artist.

Chelsea incorporates color, whimsy and a touch of quirkiness into every pieces. Weather she is painting a watercolor on paper or a wood burned portrait on a real tree slice, every piece she makes sure is unique and unexpected in some way or another. She loves adding splashes of color, flower crowns and floral borders to portraits so they’re extra fun and special.

The Pastel Pug, has a ton of options for different styles of pet portraits, and she also loves getting custom request. Make sure you go check out her amazing Etsy shop and get one for yourself, your friends and everyone you know that loves their pups as much as you do!

IG: @thepastelpug

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