The Rover Boutique

It’s #favfriday and that means I get to share with all my fellow dog mommas another one for my FAVORITE dog companies! And today, I am so excited to share The Rover Boutique! I have been a fan on them every since I first got Pharrell! I mean, just look how cute Rosie and Pharrell look in these awesome bandanas! 

 The Rover collection started out of a love for all pets, all things nautical and a little bit of a preppy spirit! The Rover Boutique is based out of Toronto (holla Drake fans)!! They are dedicated to crafting well made, beautifully designed products for pups and kitties!

It all started in 2006, when AnneMarie brought home her 5 month old pug, Ella. She wanted to buy her clothing that matched her personal style. She noticted after visiting a few pet shops that there wasn’t much to choose from, and nothing that matched her personal style. So, AnneMarie pulled out her sewing machine and with the help of a good friend, she started designing a classic navy peacoat!

Today Rovers products include coasts, tailored shirts, pleated dresses, bow ties, formal wear, collars and my personal fav, bandanas! Each pieces is meant to last, with the high quality fabrics and finishes. The are inspired by good design and are they are always dreaming up new products for all of us dog moms!




Some of the great things that Rover believes in that makes us love them even more than we already do!

They believe that pets are a part of the family.

They believe that style and functionality should go hand in hand.

They believe in classic, well made garments.

They believe in supporting small businesses focused on local manufacturing.

They believe in giving back and actively support pet charities.

They believe that pets deserve the same style and quality of clothing we expect for ourselves.

If you are looking for some new products for your pups, make sure you check out Rover Boutique! Pharrell, Rosie and I promise that you won’t be let down at all!

IG: @roverboutique

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