Thrifty Pup Bowties

Whether it’s a bow or a bowtie, Thrifty Pup has what you need... or what your pup needs rather! For the fancy dog and the chill dog, from velvet to plaid, the handcrafted bowtie swag they’ve created is like none that I have seen before!!

Thrifty Pup specializes in upcycled products and turns scrap and salvaged fabric into fashionable accessories for your pooch. They define “upcycling” as the process of creative reuse, turning unwanted material into something new! Their passion carries over from the love of dogs to the love of the planet. By using upcycling products, they are reducing the amount of discarded fabrics that end up in landfills! This speaks right to my heart. This company is proof that every single person can make a difference, even with something small like a dog’s bowtie!

“Our mission is to show you that you can create beautiful objects from things considered trash and to raise awareness about preserving and protecting our environment.”

On top of spreading the kindness and helping our beloved Mother Earth, this also means that no two products can be truly duplicated… therefore each product is as unique as the dog who is wearing it!

Beyond having some of the most creative, Eco-friendly, dog accessories in the US, they have an all consuming love for dogs that radiates through their company.

Their accessories were originally inspired by their own rescued golden retriever, Kirby. Kirby happens to be their very first dog they had as a family.  As dog owners we know how much dogs impact and change our lives for the better. The happiness they bring into our homes overflows our hearts. We also know that their time here is so limited and it is our job to fill their short lives with as much joy as possible. With that in mind, Thrifty Pup’s designs represent the social events that the dog and the dog owners are a part of! They told me that there is nothing better than getting Kirby all dressed up in his special bowtie for a party and capturing those irreplaceable moments together. 

On top of all of this greatness…  they even accept CUSTOM design orders! Thrifty Pup has the crazy dog lovers in mind, and wants to support your passion for dog fashion! That’s right… your dog can match your complicated wedding color scheme perfectly!  For more information on designing the best bowtie for your pup, you can contact them directly at

But, don't take my word for it, check out all of the bowtie swag for yourself! You're guaranteed to be hooked! Let me just warn you though, if you are as bad with decisions as I am, be prepared to get lost in shopping because the options are endless!

Below I’ve included a handful of my favorites from  only a few of the collections. But you must visit their website to see ALL of the awesomeness that is Thrifty Pup. 

Happy shopping!

Fall Collections:

NFL collections:

Chicago Cub Collection