Tips of Dating a NOT so #crazydogperson Like Yourself

So I am going to go ahead and write this particular blog specifically for all the fellow #crazydogladies out there!

Let me start by saying, it IS possible to date someone who is not as dog “crazy” as you are. I am proof that it does NOT have to be a deal breaker.

To begin, I will give you a brief backstory of me and my wonderful boyfriend (the non-crazy).

Isn't he handsome?! Anyways...

When we first met, I was going through a time in my life where I was in full force of my dog craziness (channeling my emotions on other things… you know how that goes). Anyways, in the beginning of any relationship, everything is always sunshine and roses and you tend to overlook some things. For example, later into our relationship, I found out that he called his brother, after leaving my house, and said, “Dude, she lets her dog sleep under the covers with her!”

Y’ALL… he thought this was CRAZY! (I had no idea that this was weird) Luckily for me, my award winning charm made him overlook this, and continue to date me. 

Well, long story short, relationships are give and take… all about compromise… blah, blah, blah, etc.

So, if you love your significant other as much as I love mine and if your #crazydogperson meter being different is your biggest issue… well then, it’s time to initiate that compromise thing we hear so much about… Or transform them into a crazy just like you! (whichever is easier) 

And here’s how…

Tip #1

BUY A DOG BED… Yes, they create these small beds, in all shapes and sizes, that lay on the ground and fit your precious pup just perfectly! (Drake now has 3 beds spread throughout my home… still kind of crazy, but on a smaller level).  In return, your significant other may have to receive a nice slobbery wake up call from your fur ball. BUT, it's give and take! 


Tip #2

PUT YOUR DOG IN THE BACKSEAT… Yes, I know, your dog probably likes to ride shot gun too, just like Drake. However, it would probably make your significant other pretty pleased to not have to share their seat during the car ride. I know my boyfriend enjoys not having Drake’s behind in his face while we’re in the car (or any other time for that matter).

Tip #3

CLEAN OFTEN… Drake sheds bad.  If your pup does too, take the time to vacuum. Because although you probably don’t mind being covered in dog hair, most people surprisingly don’t like it at all. Another thing... make sure whenever your significant other comes over, they don’t walk in and step on a big slobbery bone. 
Easy fix: keep a box for dog toys/bones. This is an quick way to “tidy up” but still gives your dog access to all of the toys.

**Mine is just a cheap wooden crate that I sit beside the couch. Cute and purposeful.

Tip #4

GO ON A DATE ALONE… If you’re like me, you want to take your pup with you everywhere! But… maybe… just every now and then, leave your pooch at home. Trust me, your four legged love will survive and your two legged love will be more inclined and happy to having him join y’all occasionally. #compromise (told you!)

With this all being said, compromising doesn't mean completely changing and it shouldn't be only one sided. The person you are with should love the crazy dog side of you too. So, if he does, be patient and don’t force a relationship between your love and your pooch. It will happen on it’s own if you follow these tips. 
And then when you do, I guarantee he'll learn that maybe you're actually not so crazy and you’ll catch them together in moments like this…