Our Top Dog Foods

It’s a new year, which means we have set new goals (or maybe last year’s have carried over into this year! WHOOPS!) So, what’s on the list? A healthier diet? Maybe a new bod?! We gals are ALL for improving our own health but we want to make sure that our pups are along for the ride. When it comes to picking out the right food for your fur-baby, it can get a little frustrating and very overwhelming. There is so much to choose from and with all the great marketing out there, it's hard to tell the good from the bad sometimes. There is a great documentary that came out last year called Pet Fooled (it's on Netflix) and it takes a deep look into the pet industry and what is really happening behind the stocked shelves and heartwarming commercials that are selling us so hard! This documentary exposes what companies are really feeding our pups. After watching Pet Fooled, our minds were completely blown and our eyes were opened. We have pulled some of our favorite brands that we know are who they say are and we know that they’re in the business of healthy pups, not just a healthy pocketbook. And because each pup and parent is different and has different needs, we’ve got everyone covered!



My Ollie

Nom Nom Now

Pet Plate

The Farmer's Dog





Tucker’s Raw

Small Batch

Vital Essentials







Dehydrated/Freeze Dried

The Honest Kitchen


Grandma Lucy’s









Open Farm









Tiki Dog

Earthbound Holistic

Bravo! dog


Please do yourself and your pup a huge favor and look into what you are feeding your dog. Also take an hour to watch Pet Fooled to learn more about how we are being tricked with marketing tactics and know the facts about the pet food industry. If there are any other brands that you think are a great choice for our fur babies, please comment below! We love to learn about new and amazing choices for our babes!