Toxic Food For Fido

We’ve all seen it. Those big innocent eyes staring up at you when you’re enjoying your dinner. Just hoping and dreaming that you might, just possibly, this one time, drop some of your food on the ground… Maybe even just a crumb or two! I have to admit, this is usually hard for me to resist. When I see Drake sitting there so perfectly, with a look on his face like he’s saying, “Please mom, I’ll be the best boy!” I almost always cave and “drop” something.


Now I know some dog moms are 100% against this, and I do know that I should be too. But, if you’re anything like me from time to time, I give my dog human food.

So, here’s the deal. If you are going to occasionally give your pup a special human treat, you need to know which foods to avoid. I’ve done some research and put together a list of foods that, even if LOVED by your pup, you should definitely be kept away from them.  

Apple seeds -
Make sure when you give your pup a tasty apple slice, that the seeds are nowhere to be found! Apples by themselves are perfectly safe!

Avocados -
This one surprised me and I found a lot of mixed opinion. However, I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Cherry pits & Apricots -
The actual fruit alone is okay for your pup, but the plant AND the pit can be very toxic for a dog. Also, the cherry & apricot plants can both be harmful as well! And if your dog is like Drake, he loves to eat and chew on random leaves and grass. So be careful!

Grapes/raisins -
 Although most dogs would happily enjoy these tiny treats, they could actually lead to kidney damage. Even if a rare possibility…it’s not worth the risk!

Mushrooms -
Honestly I can’t see why you would give this to your dog on purpose anyways. I am assuming that this sort of consumption would be an accident. Nonetheless, there are only a few species of mushrooms that are toxic, however, if you have ANY suspicion that your dog might have eaten one, take your pup to the vet ASAP! The species that are toxic are so harmful that they can actually be fatal if consumed.

Potatoes -
Shocking I know, but, unripe, raw potatoes are no bueno for your furball. If consumed, your pup could have vomiting, nausea, or even heart problems. Just to be safe, I’d stay away from these!

Red Tomatoes -
Kind of confusing because tomatoes are usually known to have a few health benefits for your pup, but the plant itself can be toxic.

It is important to do LOTS of research before deciding if a random table scrap or special treat is okay for your dog. My motto is, if in doubt, just say no and dig deep inside yourself and resist those big beautiful eyes peering up at you! (Maybe just toss them a tennis ball instead?) It’ll be hard, but it’s for your pups safety!