Trick or Treat! DIY Doggie & Human Couple Costumes by Melissa Candolfi

So, it is that time of year again. You’re scrolling through Pinterest boards trying to find the best Halloween costume… for you and your dog. Whoever said you and your BFF can’t be the “pawfect” duo walking the streets was wrong because we are all about it! Here is a Halloween treat your doggie will thank you for ;) 



1)    Ariel and Sebastian

We recently found the perfect lobster costume on (for only $8.99!). Pair this with a DIY mermaid costume and you’ll be up strollin’ along the street, up where they walk, up where they run, up where they play all day in the sun - in no time.


Step 1) Purchase a purple bikini top and two sea shells.


Step 2) With a hot glue gun, glue the sea shells to the front of the bathing suit top and if you’re into it - throw a little glitter on it.


Step 3) You can find  shimmery, green, stretchy fabric at Walmart. Grab some needle and thread and ask a friend to size it properly. Glue a little green tulle to it and there’s your fin! 


Step 4) Purchasing red temporary spray in hair dye will complete your Ariel look!


2)    You as your dog, Your dog as you!


Step 1) Purchase a few items of dog clothing or accessories and dress your dog up as you! Petco, Walmart or a local pet boutique will have so many options. To save a few extra bucks you can raid your wardrobe and find some pieces that are damaged, or ones you do not wear anymore. 


Step 2) Begin dressing your dog up!


Step 3) Purchase a dog onesie and be your dog (Amazon has all different breeds)! Huge plus, you’ll be super warm and comfortable. 


Customize it by creating a personalized collar with your dog’s name on it.


Step 4) Purchase a L or XL collar at Petco.


Step 5) Select a piece of cardstock paper (your choice of color!) and cut out the shape of a dog bone, heart, or circle. Whichever you prefer! Next, write your dog’s name. Include a clever tag line if you’d like. 


“Got Lost Prowling for Candy!”

     Spencer | 123.456.7890



3)    Attention Game of Thrones Fans!

Daenerys Targaryen – praise. This costume may be for the professional DIY but we promise, you will love it. For this costume, we recommend visiting Claire’s for the perfect accessories. 


Step 1) Purchase white or silver temporary hair spray sold at your local Halloween store or SPIRIT. Pull the top half back in true Daenerys style with some braids.


Step 2) You can choose from one of her many elegant looks by wearing a white dress or blue dress. Both accented with a gold belt. 

Or go for the badass look. We recommend getting A LOT of fabric, white, grey, brown. You will want to use as much of the brown for the main part of the skirt. On the hip line, create a white band and add the brown fabric (or brown braided belts you purchased) over the white for the belt. Grab a scissor, needle, and thread to create the skirt. Cut an opening along your leg line. Wearing leggings or dark khakis underneath the skirt will make it easier to move throughout the evening

Again, you can most likely find the belts at Claire’s. For the top, purchase a brown corset from your local Halloween store or SPIRIT.  

Step 3) Doggie time! To make it easy, you can find a black dragon wings for your doggie to wear on 


Step 4) Or for the DIY look, purchase a large piece of black felt, use a pencil to stencil the dragon wings and begin cutting. Once the wings are fully cut out, you can hot glue them to a black harness.


4)    Magician and a Rabbit


We love this idea because it can work for you and your dog or your human child and fur child.


Step 1) This costume is so easy for the human. Black top hat, red or black cape (again, add all the sequins, sparkles and glitter), white top and a bow tie! You can find a wand to pull the whole costume together at your local Halloween store.


Step 2) Purchase a rabbit hat or full costume here. Really impress the neighbors by working on some tricks prior to trick or treating. 


5)    Paws up! You’re under arrest.


Step 1) You can purchase a doggie police vest here or for the DIY look, get a black sweater with some K9 necessities – handcuffs and a badge. 

Step 2) Use white felt and cut each letter out to spell POLICE. Use a hot glue gun to secure the felt letters to the black sweater. 


Step 3) We recommend purchasing an orange jumpsuit or a black and white striped prisoner costume to complete the look. If you purchase the orange jumpsuit, use a black sharpie and customize the look. 


Prisoner 123

Arrested for withholding treats


Prisoner 000

Armed & Dangerous

Choice of weapon: Tennis Balls