Tukabear Treats- freeze dried dog treats

Exciting news dog lovers! There is more coming out of Memphis, Tennesse than just Elvis Presley! Get ready for the deliciousness that is going to take your local pet stores by storm! Okay, okay... in all seriousness, Tukabear Treats has stolen Drake’s heart, or tummy rather!

With pure luck, Drake and I have stumbled upon the goldmine that is Tukabear Treats! Long story short, they are simply made treats with those few special ingredients that us dog parents love to hear: free-ranged, organic, and US-sourced.

However, if you’re anything like me, I want to know the history behind the products I purchase! Well, when I first met Erin I could tell right away that she had the #crazydoglady vibes (in a good way) at the root of her business. Her story is a simple, yet sweet one.

It all started when a fellow dog mom, mixed her passion for cooking with her obsession for dogs. Erin loved creating new dishes and trying new things, so Vegas, AKA Tukabear (hence their name) became the motivation behind her creations! As any dog parent, she wanted to give her pup the food they deserved!

I mean... seriously? Look at that face though!

Anyways, after LOTS of research, she learned about the benefits of freeze-drying and that it is the absolute best way to preserve raw foods and actually retain their vitamins and nutrients. She then went to work, to create, her staple masterpieces, freeze dried chicken and sweet potato treats! When their taste tester, Tukabear, went nuts over these, she knew she was onto something great! The rest is history.

Dog lovers creating GOOD treats for the dogs they love.

We have to admit that it’s hard to come by products of this quality. I find myself at the pet store trying to decipher through the nutritional labels and figure out what each ingredient actually is. And then when it is easy to read, it's typically going to cost me an arm and a leg! 

But, Tukabear gets it! Being dog parents themselves, they know the desire to feed your dog quality food, because they are our babies. On top of all that, they also understand how expensive it can be to have pets. Therefore, they offer FREE shipping to anyone in the USA! With prices starting at only $11, you can’t afford to not spoil your dog with these yummy snacks!

The raw ingredients they use are guaranteed to not only get your dog's tail wagging but your cat's tail as well! They’re perfect for all breeds of dogs, cats and even pets with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Go support this amazing small business because they actually have love behind their products.

Check out Tukabear Treats for yourself and see what all the drool is about!

IG: @tukabeartreats