Two Crafty Hands

Y'all already know that I am obsessed with putting Pharrell and Rosie in bandanas. I don't know why I love it so much! Maybe its because they are Border Collies and I just think in my mind that God made dog bandanas to be put on them. Or maybe it's just because they look cute AF in them!  

I love when I find new companies that are killing the game in pet bandanas. And Two Crafty Hands is my new obsession! Janell is the brains behind the adorable Etsy shop!

The bright fun colors that Two Crafty Hands uses is so eye catching and not like anything else on the market! And there are 194 amazing styles to choose from. Another amazing this about this super cute shop, is that they have snap!!! That’s, right snaps! No more worrying about not tying it right and it falling off, or tying it too tight and making your pup super uncomfortable! What makes this shop even better is that the prices range for $3- $8, so there is something for everyones budget! 

Janell, is the mastermind behind one of my favorite brands! She has always loved crafting and sewing and once she starting making her pups owns bandanas and getting countless compliments on them, she decided to open her Etsy shop!

Janell says that she is  defiantly dog obsessed and says hi to dogs before their humans (my kinda girl). She says that having such a loyal best friend like her pup is non comparable. And spoiling them and dressing them up makes them 10x more adorable.

Janell loves suggestions on new ideas and feedback on her products. And last but not least she loves seeing all the happy pups showing off their bandanas! So, if you get one, make sure you tag her on Instagram and facebook!

If you are in the market for some new swag then make sure you check out this awesome!!

Two Crafty Hands

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