Unearthed Paper Co, the best dog lover gift!

If you are reading this, well then you are a crazy dog lady… not sure if you have come to realize that yet, but let us reassure you that you are and that we love you for it! Being a crazy dog mom consists of being totally crazy-in-love with your dog. It’s the best thing that will ever happen to you and what comes with that is an obsession where everything that you buy basically involves your pup.



We gals are all about the artwork of our fur-babies and we are totally obsessed with Unearthed Paper Co and her amazing work! She brings out this fairy tale that we all wish we lived in. Her photos are so engaging and whimsical, it’s like you and your pups are living in a dream. We got the chance to talk to this badass dog mom and had the privilege of her creating these amazing portraits of us and our fur-babies! See her answers below to all the things you are dying to know.

How did you get started?

I started with a love for photography! I photographed friends going through different seasons of life to earn extra cash during college, and eventually, those friends started asking if I designed holiday cards or invitations to go along with their special photos. I tapped back into my childhood love for art and fell into graphic design. Last year, my big sister, Whitney, joined me in the shop and we started doing custom family illustrations, which of course had to include our fur babies since they are such big members of our families!

Tell us about your dog?

I have the sweetest boxer mix named Avery who is just like his human papa: kind, sleepy, and always looking for quality time. My sister and business partner, Whitney, is a mama to Maddie who is a silly and sweet blood tick hound mutt. We are suckers for rescue pups!

What and who influence your work?

We love to capture the sweet personalities of our pups in our portraits through head tilts, big eyes, and chubby legs. We are avid Rifle Paper Co followers and also love Libby Vanderploeg

What is another dog brands do you love and why?

We just ordered the sweetest pet tag from Pugs2Persians on Etsy and a custom collar (using Rifle Paper Co fabric, of course) from MadeByCleo on Etsy. We are also huge fans of Roraima Gear, which makes made-to-fit coats for adventure pups.

What is new for your company?

Our custom family dog portrait! We rolled out this stand-alone product a few months ago and it's been a customer favorite!

If you are looking for a gift for either yourself or another dog lover in your life, make sure you look into  Unearthed Paper Co, you will be SO glad you did!