Urban Originals - Fashionable and Cruelty-Free Handbags

If you have yet to notice, the gals of Gal’s Best Friend are on a mission to find you the most luxurious, eco-friendly products across the world. Some of you have joined us on this journey, others may need a little nudge. We might be biased to dogs, but we love all animals! That is why we are SO excited to introduce (or re-introduce for some of you) to Urban Originals! This company makes luxury vegan handbags and accessories. All of their products, from start to finish, are eco-friendly and ethically made. Get ready to fall in love and head to your nearest Nordstrom to make your purchase! (Also available at urban originals.com and select boutiques.)

Even though this handbag offers lots of space, Chelsea won’t fill it with treats… Gunner might be a little sad about it.

Even though this handbag offers lots of space, Chelsea won’t fill it with treats… Gunner might be a little sad about it.

Urban Originals always uses eco-friendly materials and premium vegan leathers. Their products are low-chemical andreach eco standards. What does that mean exactly? That means Urban Originals reduces their carbon footprint on our world. They have also made a commitment to being cruelty free. No animals are ever hurt or compromised in ANY way when making their handbags and accessories.

Hey, you! Reading this blog post. You love animals, right? And hopefully you love our planet too! If you are reading this, most likely you DO love our planet and are trying to do your part in bettering the world. Well, Urban Originals feels the same way! They love animals and the earth SO much that they want to prevent unnecessary suffering! Because of this, their materials are always cruelty-free. #savetheanimals. This amazing company is constantly looking to source even more recycled materials to help care for our planet.

Urban Originals is designed in Sydney and manufactured in China with their long standing partners. They personally visit all of their factories on a regular basis and believe that supporting ethically run factories is the only way to operate. Urban Originals is Sedex approved and is a member of many department stores’ ethical sourcing programs.

Urban Originals’ ethical practices are without compromise as they truly love our planet.

Emily, Pharrell, and Dallas taking a stroll in Big D. Walking multiple dogs is easy with this gorgeous backpack!

Emily, Pharrell, and Dallas taking a stroll in Big D. Walking multiple dogs is easy with this gorgeous backpack!

Urban Originals does not like hurting animals (if anybody does, they do not deserve to exist) and they care about our planet. There are so many good vegan leathers available now that often it is difficult to tell the difference by touch between an animal leather product and their products.

All of their collections are designed in their Sydney, Australia office. Urban Original products are sampled and then produced in China. Urban Originals uses vegan leathers or PU (polyurethane). They never ever (ever) use PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Why? Because PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your health. These toxic additives can leach out or evaporate into the air over time, posing unnecessary dangers to people and pets! In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly sourced including cotton canvas and recycled nylons.

If you are not in love already JUST by their earthly focus, these handbags and accessories are super easy to clean and care for! You can easily clean stains and dirt from handbags and wallets with a smooth damp cloth or baby wipe. Rub the stain very carefully to avoid harming the bag. Badda-bing, Badda-boom. You are good to go!

Note: Never wash the bags with water. This can cause discoloration.

Allow the product to air dry if it gets wet. Do not use hot heat like a hair-dryer to dry the product. It may cause damage to the product.


We are totally and completely in love with these fashionable handbags. Even if we did not care about their awesome sourcing and ethical work practices, these handbags are show stoppers! We can’t tell you how many times people have stopped us to compliment our bags and ask where we bought them. Do yourself, your wardrobe, and the world a favor and head on over to your nearest Nordstrom or hop onto the Urban Originals website and make your purchase today! Go ahead and grab one for your bestie too. She will love you FOREVER! Which will be a longer forever if we shop companies that care about our planet… like Urban Originals!

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