Valentine's Day Pupcakes

Valentine’s Day is super special to me. Why? Because cupcakes, DUH! Some people can say the same for Halloween because they love candy, but I prefer Valentine’s Day for Red Velvet goodies! The only thing capable of making this holiday even more special is a pair of diamond stud earrings *cough cough, husband! cough, cough!* and sharing some sweetness with my fur babies!


These fancy pants “red velvet” pupcakes are easy to bake and are a major hit with Abbie and Gunner! I love the vibrant color of the cake and frosting. Crazy, but the coloring is from the natural coloring of beets! So, yes, my dears, these are natural ingredient Valentine’s Day pupcakes for your pooch! The beets also make the cake super soft, unlike most pupcake recipes. And to top it off (literally) you can decorate them to your liking!


Why beets you ask? Because beets are high in nutrients and low in calories (Yep! Even the heftier hounds can snack on these pupcakes!) and they contain a mix of antioxidants! Coupled with a good source of vitamin C, and an excellent source of antioxidant manganese, this veggie is the jackpot of antioxidant rich foods. Be sure not to overfeed your fur baby though because beets are a great source of fiber, if you know what I mean! Beets are particularly rich in folate, an important B vitamin for a healthy heart, and essential for normal tissue growth. And lastly, beets contain good amounts of iron, potassium, magnesium, and so much more! (Thank you Google!)

This recipe makes ~18 regular-sized pupcakes so invite your fur baby’s beau over. Bon Appétit!


Cake Ingredients:

♡ 2 cups canned beets, puréed or chopped into tiny pieces

♡ 1 can beet juice

♡ 2 large, cage-free eggs

♡ 2 1/2 cups, self-rising flour


Frosting Ingredients:

♡ 2 blocks, Organic cream cheese

♡ Optional! Natural beet powder

♡ Optional! Heart-shaped treats and sprinkles for toppers


“Equipment” Needed:

♡ Non-stick baking spray of your choice

♡ Valentine’s day themed cupcake liners

♡ Large bowl and whisk/hand mixer

♡ Oven

♡ Ziplock/pastry bag (to apply the frosting)


Step 1

Preheat oven to 350⁰F and add cupcake liners to the cupcake tin.

Step 2

Mix eggs, finely chopped egg shells (great source of calcium and protein!), flour, pureed beets, and beet juice in a large bowl.

NOTE: If you haven’t cooked with beets before, please know they smell TERRIBLE!

Step 3

Use baking spray and coat the cupcake liners (pupcakes tend to stick). Evenly divide the mixture among the cupcake liners. Bake for 20-25 minutes.


Step 4

The hardest step… Let the pupcakes cool for 20 minutes. While waiting, choose an age appropriate movie for your dogter and her beau furiend. I suggest Lady and the Tramp. I mean, come on! It's the appropriate rating for your dogter and her boyfriend AND you get to relive your childhood!!


Step 5

For white frosting, just take your cream cheese and fill a ziplock baggy, cut a small corner, and pipe onto the pupcakes.

For pink frosting, mix your beet powder and cream cheese together then fill the ziplock baggy, cut a small corner, and pipe onto the pupcakes. (Amount of beet powder depends on how pink or red you want the frosting!)

Note: Make sure your pupcakes are completely cooled off or your frosting will melt right off and you’ll have sad looking pupcakes!


Step 6

Add heart-shaped dog treats and sugar-free sprinkles!


Step 7

Watch your fur baby and her Valentine’s Day date go to toooown!

You can store these pretty, pretty pupcakes up to 24 hours at room temperature and up to 5 days in the fridge!


I’d love to see how you decorate your Valentine’s Day Pupcakes and also see pics of your pups enjoying them! So, leave a comment and/or tag us on social media!

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