Vegan is the new black, right? The New Dog Food, V-Dog.

Vegan is the new black, right?

We gals are totally behind anything that takes pain away from animals! We also aren't perfect when it comes to this vegan thing. I mean, we are all from Dallas, Texas… the land of Tex-Mex and queso… so, you can see why this might take us all a while to get used to the vegan world. But, we are trying, we can promise you that.

While we are working on our own battle, V Dog has made it easy for everyone wanting to help animals around the world, starting with their dogs.

V-Dog was started in San Francisco by a husband and wife duo who drew their inspiration from their two vegan rescue pit bulls, Sparky and Pandy.  They stared V-dog because this was something they truly believed in. A vegan dog, just like a vegan human, will leave a smaller environmental print on the earth. We had the chance to ask V-dog how they got started, about their pups, and what's next for this amazing company. See their answers below.

How did you get started?

V-dog was established in 2005 by our late founder Dave Middlesworth. Dave was vegan and couldn't find a high-quality, vegan dog food on the market that he was excited to feed his two rescue pit bulls. He started v-dog with a vision for a better world where farm animals do not need to be slaughtered in order to keep our companion animals happy and healthy. Fast forward to today, v-dog remains the top plant-based dog food brand in the USA and we've just expanded internationally under our sister brand, V-planet.

Tell us about your dogs?

At V-dog, we're all animal-loving vegans, most of us with pups of our own. My dogs' names are Riley and Piglet. Riley is a 12 and a half year old senior boy thriving on his plant-based diet since the age of 5. Piglet has been on v-dog since I rescued him at the age of 1 and he's a ball of energy at 5 years old. It always amazes me how different their personalities are, which solidifies my view that all animals are unique individuals, not disposable commodities for our consumption. 

What and who influence your work?

Our founder, Dave, was one of the kindest, most charismatic guys you'd ever meet. He was friends with everyone and always had the greater good in mind. We're so proud that we, including his son Darren, and wife Linda, are carrying on v-dog in his name.

What is new for your company?

We are working on a new complete and balanced, vegan wet food for dogs. Stay tuned to and our Instagram @vdogfood for updates on the launch!

If you are like us gals and you want to make this world a better place for animals of all kinds, then do yourself a huge favor and check out this amazing new company that is taking the pet food space by storm, and changing the way we think about what and how we feed our dogs.

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