Waboba Dog Ball

Waboba began in Stockholm, Sweden and has since bounced across the globe, turning humans and pups into Waboba addicts (Wabobians)! The dog ball is, paws down, the most fun toy for ball and water obsessed dogs. This company has seriously made doggy dreams come true!

Waboba is dedicated to developing ridiculously fun and innovative products for people and their dogs! Waboba's goal is to to make sure people and pups are always having fun! Hence their slogan, "Keep Life Fun"!

These Waboba dog balls have a firmer core than other balls and have reinforced stitching for extra durability. They're perfect for playing fetch wherever there is water! We even use it in the bath tub to help Gunner learn to love bath time! The yellow design also allows for maximum visibility by a dog.

Imagine a more exciting version of skipping rocks and you’ve got the Waboba idea! Your dog will LOVE it!!! This is Abbie and Gunner’s LEGITIMATE favorite ball of all time!! That is no exaggeration! Don’t tell Mr. Tennis Ball that Abbie has a new love though. He will be highly offended.

Know your dog and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. And be prepared for hours of fun!!!

Head over to our Instagram to find all the rules and details! We're giving away THREE Brand New Waboba Dog Balls!