Wagmo- The Pet- Wellness plan for everyone!

With the New Year coming in hot like it is, there is a lot us dog moms have to get done! You know, like make sure you are updated on all vaccinations, get the grooming appointments set, make sure you are updated on all meds that your pups need and so much more! It can be a little overwhelming and, not to mention, expensive AF!

Then came Wagmo! Wagmo is the new pet-wellness company that helps dog moms make sure their pups are well taken care of without breaking the bank! Here’s how it works!

You sign up for one of two different plans! Both VERY affordable and equally amazing!

The Basic for $9.99 a month

  • Exam Fees up to $100/year

  • Heart worm Test up to $50/year

  • Blood work  up to $100/year

  • Vannines up to $50/year

Fancy for 19.99 a month

  • Exam Fees up to $100/year

  • Heart-worm Test up to $50/year

  • Blood work  up to $100/year

  • Vannines up to $50/year

  • Grooming up to $100/year

  • Flea/Tick/Heart worm Meds up to $300/year

Wagmo is basically everything us dog moms have been wanting our whole dog mom lives- being able to not stress about having to do the above things and still being able to buy a bottle of wine at Trader Joes (you know it’s true)! My favorite thing about this company is that they started simply because they honestly care about pets getting what they need no matter what!

This amazing service is also one of the easiest things I’ve ever used! No joke! All you have to do is sign up online, pick the package you want and set up your dog’s profile! After you go to the vet, get all groomed up, get your prevents or blood work you just submit you claim on the portal and they reburies you  in just a few days! NO WAITING, NO MESS, NO QUESTIONS!

It's a new year, and it’s time to start off on the right paw. Do your pupper AND your bank account a huge favor and sign up for WAGMO today!

Use code pharrellandrosie and get your first month FREE!