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Calling all working dog moms!!!! You know those days where your amazing boss gives you a deadline like 3 hours before it’s due? Or makes you stay till 8pm working on something that could’ve been done the next day? Or, MY personal favorite, a late night meeting… that could have been a freaking email! And then when you bring up that you have a dog at home that has to go out, they look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language and if you bring up your dog again then you won’t have a job to pay for the human grade food that you have been feeding him for the past 8 months. Yep, we have all been there. That moment when you are secretly having a minor (and by minor I mean MAJOR) freak out that your poor fur-baby has not only been alone since 9am, but now they are sitting at the front door at exactly 5:29 just waiting for it to open. But you know, you won’t be able to make it home ‘til at least 9pm or later!!!!! Well, no worries my beautiful working dog mommas, WAG! to the rescue!

WAG is basically Uber for dog walking. If you are stuck at work or if you get into that Soul Cycle class you’ve been on a waitlist for for a year AFTER work, then no need to worry about your fur-baby going out! They provide you with a free lock box for your keys so you know that, when needed, a trusted walker can get in to let your baby out when you can’t.

Wag provides a private dog walking service. (That’s right no group walks!) Someone one on one time for you puppy love! The best part about WAG is that they have an app just like Uber! You can track where your dog is at any given time! Also, they let you know where they went #1 and #2. WAG! has the largest community of experienced dog experts and walkers, so you know that your pup is in the best hands.

You get a “report card” with a photo at the end of every walk. It tells you how long the walk was, how many times they used the restroom, and a little note from your walker.


30 Minute Walk – $20

60 Minute Walk- $30

Add A Dog- $5 extra

Overnight stays – $50 a night

Bay Area

San Francisco



Silicon Valley

Southern California

Los Angeles

Beverly Hills



Santa Monica

West Hollywood

Orange County

San Diego

New York City




Staten Island

And Beyond!





Washington DC




The next time that you are stuck at the office or that date goes a little longer than you thought it would, make sure you use WAG! They will save the day and save the chances of you getting that first kiss on that extended date. Trust me…. your pup will be happy for you and totally understand!

Check out this link and get your first 3 walks FREE! Thats right…. FREE!!!!!


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