Wedding Pups

Wedding Dogs: So I’m not married, but fingers and paws crossed that that day will come one day (hopefully sooner rather than later). But like every girl out there, we know how we envision the big day. You know, the dress, the guests, the venue, the cake, the food, and the dog. I have known since I was little, with every dog that I’ve ever had (which is 16) that every single one of them, at the time, was going to be in my wedding. And that is still true ’til today. I have 6 dogs including the 4 that are back in Dallas at my parents and they all have a place in my big day. Don’t tell Pharrell and Rosie, they think they are the only ones.

There are so many fun things you can do with your pup at your wedding, from the host, to the flower girl, to the ring bearer, to the best man. We have searched high and low (on pinterest) for some of the best ideas for anyone on the best day of their life. Check ’em out and we hope you enjoy!