West Paw Design Toys

Toys, Toys, Toys! Basically my dogs favorite word, well besides park and dinner! But, trust me it's up there! So I am always, always on the search for new toys, that can stand the test of time with Pharrell and Rosie, or as I like to call them killers of all things that cost me money. They are so lucky they are cute AF, and are really good cuddlers!

When we came across West Paw Designs, I just knew that these toys, these toys right here….they would put Rosie and Pharrell in their place for once in their short spoiled life. West Paw Designs, all started over 20 years ago! Can we just take a moment and let it settle in that 1996, was over 20 years ago…. UGH, I feel so OLD!!!!!! Well, anyways Montana-native Spencer Williams, purchased a small pet toy company. Growing up on a ranch, animals had a special place in his heart, especially stray dogs and cat! #swoononspencer. So, with only five full-time employees, they set out to make the world's safest and highest quality dog and cat toys!

Nearly 20 years later, Forbes magazine names them “One of the Best Small Companies” in America!!! West Paw Design was the first pet product company to become a Certified B Corp! Along with all of this they were voted “Best Place to Work in Montana”. So major shout out to them for killing the game!

WPD was also the first pet product company to use a recycled plastic fill and fabric in their toys and beds!

Dog Toys:


Environmentally friendly

Safe, non-toxic, and fun

Made In The USA

Dog Beds:

100% washable

One year guarantee

Lots of styles and sizes

Made In The USA

Here are some of our favorite toys from West Paw Designs!


Toppl Treat Toy

PLAY The treat-keeping toy for endless playtime possibilities.

Puzzle dog toy for dogs of all sizes

Combine large and small for more of a challenge

Treat dispensing dog toy

Hurley Dog Bone


CHEW Hurley® is the ultra-durable bone dogs can’t get enough of.

Engineered for long chew sessions

Funky shape makes for a fun playtime bounce

3 sizes and latex-free

Jive Dog Ball


CHEW  Jive® is the uber-ball with a groove! (Which makes for a wacky bounce.)

Built for fetch, fits in a standard ball-thrower

Guaranteed Durable dog ball

3 sizes available

Tux Treat Toy


CHEW Tux® is a super durable treat dog toy with room for tasty treasures.

Super tough

Has a spot to hide a treat

Mentally Stimulating

Tizzi Dog Toy


PLAY Tizzi® does triple duty for fetch, tug-o-war and treat-seeking distraction.

Handles “lock” for further throwing

Open up handles to tuck treats inside

Available in two sizes and latex-free

They next time you are in the market for some new dog toys, which if you are anything like me… every other week. Make sure you check out this PAWsome company, where the toys are safe, and last FOREVER! It’s a good way to save your pup health, and save some bucks in your wallet!