Winter Blues

Welp, the NYC winter has finally hit us. And this Texas girl is counting down the days ‘til I can be on a beach in Montauk with a glass of wine in one hand and a chuck it in the other hand, playing fetch with Pharrell. But…. until then, we will be bundled up while walking that 13 minutes (seems like forever right now) walk to Central Park, everyday, to get that Border Collie, cold-weather-loving energy out! That way I can come home, sit on the couch, watch Scandal reruns, and write more blog posts!

With all the being said, it’s time to get Pharrell ready for the winter! All this really means is mentally prepare myself for the winter and having to take a dog in the city in the middle of a snow storm.

We have tried MANY different coats for Pharrell last winter, and for the most part, as soon as I put it on him he would freeze and just stand there until I took it off. Like no joke, once it was 5 minutes of not moving AT ALL, we timed it. But, thankfully we have found a winner in the coat department this year! Hurtta is a company based out of Finland. (I know! So cool, right?) I just like saying the word Finland!!! Anyways, they have EVERYTHING for an active dog to stay protected in all kinds of weather elements. From their raincoats to their parkas (which is what we have) to their life jackets, Hurtta has everything you could think of needing when it comes to protective wear for your pup. They also have collars, leashes, agility vests, and so much more!




Another MUST have in the city during the winter is aTobiko’s organic healing paw cream! For anyone that lives anywhere cold and has a pup, they know what I mean, especially on the streets of NYC. Pharrell’s paws get so messed up during the winter from the the cold air, to the slushy snow, and mostly from the salt on the ground, and trying to put booties on him, well that was a battle I didn’t win. So when I found this paw cream I was so excited for his little feet! I use it every other day in the winter and Pharrell’s paws look better than my toes after a pedi! The best thing about this product is that it is all organic and safe for P if he licks his paws. Oh, and it also smells great!


The last must haves are for us dog moms! Having an active dog in the big city makes you just as active as he is! And there is no time for breaks, no matter the negative 2 degree weather just outside the door. My must haves for a winter day out with my BAE is UNIQLO’s heat tech leggings and undershirt, my two favorite items for winter time! I wear them both under about 2 other layers of pants and sweaters, with a huge coat, beanie, gloves & UGG’s! But the most important item to have on the way to any dog park or long walk in the city, is hand warmers! You can get them in a big pack at any drug store or sporting store, and I highly recommend them if you plan on being a good dog mom this winter and giving your pup the winter wonderland day dates they dream of!

Uniqlo Heat Tech

Hand Warmers

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