Wolves of Wellington Bandanas

You already know that I love bandanas, like LOVE! And Wolves of Wellington gives me another reason to keep my obsession growing and growing! And the best part about it, is that’s not where it stops, bandanas are just one of the many amazing things they have to offer us!

The masterminds behind this adorable brand is a brother and sister with a love for all things pups! Gretchen and Josh are killin the game with their Siberian Husky, Indy and Willow the Alaskan Malamute!

Check out Pharrell and Rosie in the Wolves of Wellington bandanas!


Wolves of Wellington came to us from disappointment and frustration with the product available to us do lovers! Gretchen didn’t feel that the products had anything to do with her or her pups style or personality! She wanted something that had personality and reflected the fun and joy that life with a pup brings us!  

The aim behind Gretchen and Josh’s Wolves of Wellington is to foster a lifestyle where your dog is an extension of yourself, to encourage exploration and adventure, to create communities, & of course, to bring you the best contemporary products out there! And that is EXACTLY what they are doing.


They offer a collection of hand selected products from around the world. They are seeking out the best in contemporary dog products to provide a wide range for us #crazydogladies!

They have everything, and I mean everything you could ever want for your pup! They have the best and cutest collars and leashes from some of the best brands. They have their own line of Wolves of Wellington bandanas, which I am obsessed with! They have leashes, harnesses, toys, and everything you could ever need all under one site!


Wolves of Wellington also has its own range of products, the Pay It Forward Collection, from which 10% of profits are donated to animal charities.

The next time you are in the need for, well in the need for ANYTHING for your pup, make sure you check out Wolves of Wellington, you won’t regret it and will be coming back for more and more!


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