#dogmom workout MUST HAVES!

Summer is almost here, so that means it's time to actually put down the double stuffed Oreos, the margarita and actually work out for the first time in about 6 months. We obviously means, work out with your fur-baby of course! Weather it's going out for a run in Central Park, or on Katy Trail to going for a hike in the beautiful mountains of Utah. And if you are one of the lucky #dogmoms then running on the beach in sunny Cali or Miami! There are so many amazing things to do with your pups that get both you and them some exercise! Here are some of our favorite puppy-mommy workouts!


Doga, YES, its a thing, and its popping up every where! Look into Doga classes in your city!  

Running, the best way to get your pups extra energy out and burn some of your extra drinks off you had last night!  

The next time you head out to the trails or to the mountains, make sure to pack your fur-baby with you! 

Doggy Bootcamp, there are so many amazing dog based bootcamps out there that mix your pups in with your workout! 

Bike riding, take your pup on a long bike ride with you! 

Total Shape has some other great options for working out!

Now that you know what you are going to do with your pup to burn those extra calories, we have to make sure you look the part. You don't want people thinking you are just borrowing someone's dog to get your workout in, you want them to know that you are a LOUD & PROUD dog mom that just happened to be in great shape! We have all of your #crazydoglady workout must haves, everything from the shoes, to the gear and accessories to your pup's leash!