You Know You’re a Dog Mom When… By: Brittany Davies

Hello Puppy Baby Mama’s! I’m so excited and honored to write for a group of ladies who share the same title and passion as myself! My name is Brittany. I am 28-years-old, from Freedom, NY (about an hour southeast of Buffalo, NY), and a proud mom to Piper, my brindle pitty, and Reina, my mixed ball of never-ending energy. Reina suffers from Lethal White Syndrome, also known as Double Merle, which caused her to be born deaf.

A few years ago, I would have never imagined myself being the dog mom I am today. I don’t even think the world ever imagined such a group of ladies (and those puppy baby daddies out there!) coming together and bonding over dogs as their children! While there are a lot of differences between raising humans and fur children, we can all agree we’ve felt these feelings that have made us think, “Yes, I am definitely a dog mom and my life has never been better!”

Here are 21 things that make you FUR-sure a Puppy Baby Mama!

1. Your idea of a "diet" is sharing half of your calories with you pup.

2. Going to the vet is just as terrifying for you as it is for your furbaby - you're either dropping a fortune or a year's worth of tears because you can tell your dog is scared. Do you have to give them shots and check their temp that way?! (Side note: I am in nursing school and as much as I dread the vet, I'm all for a healthy pup).

3. You can admit to the fact that you've dropped a pretty penny on a fancy camera just to take pictures of your pack and grace the world with their cuteness and antics.

4. You don't feel as bad taking so many selfies as long as your dog is in them...then it's technically an “usie.”

5. Anyone who refers to your precious furbaby as "that dog” is immediately reprimanded with, “He/she has a name and it’s insert the cutest name ever here.”

6. Vacations suddenly go from relaxing to a guilt-ridden week of both you AND Fido suffering from separation anxiety.

8. You consider buying a matching Thundershirt to match your dog. Hey, if it works for them, it's worth a try!

9. You’re constantly confusing friends and family because you talk about your dogs as if they were human babies. For example: "Hey can I call you back later? I just got the girls settled down and ready for bedtime,” “Piper went to her first Mardi Gras parade today!”

10. Dating used to be about you having chemistry with your potential future puppy baby daddy, but the real question is do your dogs like him????? They know, I can back up that fact!

11. You start buying or making fresh pet food because you want your puppies to feel special and included in Sunday's family dinners.

12. Art used to be pretty canvas paintings on the wall, now it's paw prints, mud, and nose smudges everywhere - and every last one of them is precious. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

13. The only reason you get out of bed every morning and go to work is to provide a better life for you fur baby. Those dog toys aren’t paying for themselves!

14. It’s totally normal to find treats, or remnants thereof, in: your bed, car, purse, and pockets. You never know where a rogue pupperoni might show up.

15. You’ve sat and wondered why your dog would jump in a pond with poisonous snakes, but putting them in the bathtub is like trying to pry them into a realm of fireworks and thunderstorms. Don’t think I didn’t know you were in that pond when you come back into the house smelling like a swamp monster! (Piper, Reina, and I lived in Louisiana before moving back home to NY. My little Southern girls loved their snake infested home).

16. Your favorite part of the day is returning home and seeing your pups look like whack-a-moles in the window impatiently waiting for you to walk in the house.

17. Forget swear words, the real trigger words in your house that ensue chaos are: leash, walk, car, ride, treat, and at our house, the phrase “Birdie (my Mom to my dogs)/Grandpa is home!”

18. Your Christmas card is plastered with pictures of your dog’s cute face and a photo attendant at the store has definitely asked if you have any “real” kids.

19. Your Google searches consist of things like “Are ____ poisonous to dogs?” Dogs eat some weird things, so always be sure to have animal poison control’s number saved in your phone

20. You suddenly become the living version of the tagline, “You can’t have just one.” Bet you thought they were talking about potato chips. Nope. They were referring to dogs.

21. And lastly, you know you’re a dog mom when you know you could never imagine life any other way. Despite the messes, stress, training, and barking, your pup is your best friend, confidant, and your number one fan. They are there to make you laugh and lick away your tears when life feels rough. God made dogs to be gals best friend.

Share your favorite “you know you’re a dog mom when…” with us!

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