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Our pups are the most important thing in the world to us. So when it comes to their diet and what they eat day in and day out, we worry if we are giving them the right stuff. When you walk into the pet store, or are looking online at all the many options, it gets so confusing and frustrating not knowing if you are picking the right food your fur-child. There are so many choices, and the sad part is that more than half of the choices that you are looking at are not right for your dog. There is no food regulation on pet food, like none. They can say whatever they want on their branding for you to think that you are getting the best of the best. It’s not till you turn that bag around and look at what is actually in the food where things get messy, and once you start googling the words that you can’t pronounce, sh** gets real!

There are a lot of GOOD companies out there, the ones that care more about your dog's health than their wallet and Ziwi is one of them! Peter and Kimberly Mitchell are the two amazing founders of Ziwi Pet. Peter had a background in the meat industry for year, and his beautiful wife Kimberly was a crazy dog lover just like us! In 2004, the couple made the choice to combine their two passions into one and create Ziwi Air-Dried food. This amazing family-owned company is based out of New Zealand!

Ziwi’s air-dried food is 98% fresh meat recipes are handcrafted daily in small batches, and then slowly & gently air-dried to protect the nutrients in the food. The best part is Ziwi’s air-dried recipes are complete & balanced and can be fed as a daily diet, topper, or treat. Ziwi’s air-dried food contains more moisture than dry kibble, so there is no need to re-hydrate. The air-dried food is safe, clean to handle, and as nutritious and digestible as a completely raw diet.

Ziwi’s makes sure that their  #1 priority is to source 100% of their proteins from local, New Zealand farmers who use ethical & sustainable practices. All Ziwi proteins are free-range, grass-fed and grass-finished – meaning they are outside 365 days a year! The best part is these meats are 100% free of antibiotics, added hormones and growth promotants. They never include grains, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat, rice, fillers, sugars, glycerins, rendered meals, or preservatives. All of Ziwi’s food is complete & balanced for pets of all breeds and at all life stages, and is 95% digestible.


One scoop (57g or 2oz) of our Ziwi Peak air-dried recipe provides a minimum of 263kcal. The same serving of premium kibble provides 195kcal (25% less). The same serving of hydrated premium freeze dried provides 99kcal (63% less).

If you are looking to get your fur-baby on a diet, or on some better food that will make their life and your life better than please do yourself you pup a huge favor by checking out Ziwi’s.



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