Zumi Dog

I love having a wardrobe for the pups and being able to switch up their leashes whenever I want. Some of our favorites of all time are from the Zumi collection! Let me just start by saying that Zumi is a MUST have for all dog owners! They create the perfect leads for adventurous dogs and their humans with inspiration coming from sandy beaches and beautiful mountain trails.

Zumi was born when the CEO and founder, Sasha, was given some health news that put an end to her current career. She found herself looking for a new purpose in life and knowing that she was in love with dogs and they were her entire heart, she knew what her next adventure was going to be. Sasha is an active dog lover of 3 pups, and #dogmom boss! She had been doing agility for years and always had problems with switching from one leash to another during the trials. These issues were making the fun time with her pups hard. She decided she needed to come up with a solution to the problem that not only her, but other owners were experiencing as well. She began to work with textiles to create the perfect functional lead that could finally end their troubles. After a lot patience and work, she did just that! She created, what is known as, the “Dual Lead Sport”.

After word got out about how amazing the Zumi Dual Lead Sport was, Sasha was in business. She started in her garage, taking orders and having friends and family over to help get each one out. When the order and demand grew higher and higher, Sasha made the brave choice to take Zumi to the next level and head to manufacturing. Zumi takes so much pride in the quality of their products, even at the manufacturing level, with the best of the best being sent out to dog lovers everywhere.

As an owner of two Border Collies who are very active and are involved in sports such as agility, I must say that the Zumi leashes are a dream come true, and are also SO cute! If you are looking for a new leash to add to your fur-babies collection make sure you check out the Zumi!