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We are 5 treat testing, toy inspecting, dog park scouting pups and the overall heart and soul of Gal's Best Friend. We are so happy and blessed to have humans that love us so much and include us in their latest adventures. Below you can learn a little more about each of us and how we have earned our "Doggie CEO" roles here at Gal's Best Friend! 

Barks + Kisses

Pharrell, Rosie, Abbie, Drake & Gunner.


 NYC Treat Tester

I am a Border Collie, who likes to learn new tricks, spend most of my time at Central Park or cuddling with my people, and most importantly BALLS, wait did someone say ball?? I was born in upstate NY in July 2014 to a very nice family that, that my human mom had met! She thought for the past 8 years that her dog at home in Dallas,  Kanye was a border collie, so she was looking to get another one here in the city, because she wanted a dog just like him. (This was before, they did a DNA test on him & found out there is no BC in him at all) sometimes I wonder if she regrets that decision, haha.  Anyways, I remember it like it was yesterday when she came to pick me up in the Upper West Side, it was love at first lick! I love living in NYC, there are so many dogs for me to sniff, so many parks, & I can’t go 5 feet without someone telling me how cute I am and petting me. What more could a guy want? I am so excited for my human to go on this blog thing she keeps talking about because I have been promoted to the official “Treat Tester” for Gals Best Friend and I promise, I won’t let anyone down!


NYC Dog Park Scouter

My name is Rosie, and I am one of the newest members to the Gal's Best Friend team. My human Megan and my new brother Pharrell rescued me in April 2016. I was with a family that, obiv did not know what it meant to have the best and smartest dog breed in the world. They couldn't give me everything that I needed, and my luck Pharrell was looking for a new sister to play with. So as soon a Megan, got wind that I needed a home, they drove 5 hours to pick me up. I know live in the Upper East Side with the best two human in the world and my new Best Friend Pharrell. My favorite thing about the city is that I can go to Central Park every day, we are just a short trip from the best place in the world....the beach, and I have two humans that love me more that I could have ever dreamed. I love being apart of Gal's Best Friend, I help test out the best doggie products and get to spend so much time taking photos, trying out new dog parks, and destroying toys. I also live for the treat testing part as well!  



My name is Drake and I am “The Perfect Dog!” I’m serious, I am! That’s what it says on my collar, so it must be true! Anyways, I am not sure what breed I am, mostly human I think. But I’m okay not knowing, nobody like labels and stereotypes anyways! My favorite thing to do is to chew on sticks (the bigger the better), eat chicken (the more the better), snuggle with my mom (the longer the better) and chase SQUIRRELS (the faster the better). I am living the dream here in Dallas with my mom. I am sad that my other moms (yes, I was adopted by four moms, be jealous) aren’t here with me too, but I still have the best life! Dallas is full of trails, trees, parks, fields, and has LOTS of squirrels! Did I mention I love squirrels? I am so excited that my mom is starting a blog about dogs! The only downside is it is occasionally taking away from our squirrel chasing time! But…I’ll comprise for a snuggle while she works. I hope you enjoy all of the blogs, especially the product reviews, I know I am. Yum, yum!



 Salt Lake city Bird watcher

My name is Abigail Evans. I’m a German Shorthaired Pointer who likes to hunt squirrels and birds, chase tennis balls, and de-stuff squeaky toys. I was born in Orem, Utah on May 3, 2014. Moms and dads said they loved me from the moment they saw my picture online! It was a beautiful day in June when I met my pawrents. The sky was bright gray, the grass was vibrant gray, the sun was beautiful gray. (Get it? Dogs are color blind.) They picked me up around lunch time and I went straight to work with moms! She showed me off to her co-workers and residents (who also fell in love with me). Moms and dads bought me a nice big bed, lots of toys, plenty of treats, and yummy food! It was the BEST DAY EVER! My first year went so fast because time flies when you’re having fun! When I turned one, we had an adventure in Texas! We lived there for almost a year but my pawrents decided they missed the Mountains. So now we're back in Happy Valley where I can run through the mountains chasing birds and bunnies! I've made so many furiends in both states so I'm happy for my time spent in both places. I’m so excited to share my pawsome adventures with you! And if we’re lucky, maybe we can meet one day! #wetkissesforyou



My name is Gunner Evans. My mom likes to call me Gunner Bummer (because I have a cute butt) and Dad likes to call me Piggy (because I make pig noises). I'm 3/4 German Shorthaired Pointer and 1/4 Vizsla. My big sister, Abbie, forgot to mention me above... Maybe because she's jealous I get more attention from strangers? Or maybe because I try my hardest to annoy her every day of my life! Whatever the reason... It doesn't matter because I'm here to stay! I was born in Cottonwood Heights, Utah on September 9, 2016. Mom and dad picked me up on a Friday afternoon. They chose me over all my siblings because I was the biggest and bravest! .... That's a lie. I was a totally scaredy cat!! I was afraid of people, bikes, animals, and just about anything that moved or made a noise! But they loved me anyway and helped me break out of my shell. Now I'm a little hellian with a mission. A mission to destroy as many things as possible! Mom and dad purchased a brand new couch before they brought me home and I've made sure to pee on that thing a couple times now! I have to make sure everybody that comes into my house knows who I am, whether I'm present or not. I also chewed up moms UGG boots and Tory Burch sandals to remind her what really matters in life. And I've pooped on their Crate and Barrel rug too many times to count, just to keep things real. Basically, I'm the world's most perfect puppy! How can you not love me?!