The Start of Gal’s Best Friend started in 2007, Megan and Chelsea met at the Texas Rangers Six Shooters tryouts. One year later, Megan met Jessica when they rushed the same sorority. Soon after, all 3 of us gals were part of the best baseball club in the country! We grew to be great friends who shared the same interests; puppies, fashion, and Justin Bieber. But if you would have asked us if we’d still be close friends and obsessed with the same things nine years later… Well, yes. That’s beliebable! But starting a doggy lifestyle blog together ( Gals Best Friend )… WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!

Fast forward to 2015 when one of us gals had a random dream late one night, that the 3 of us started a dog blog together. Crazy, right? Because we all live in different cities and only see each other here and there when one or the other is in town. So, between the miles, the husbands and boyfriends, the jobs, and (more importantly) the dogs, we don’t know how this dream became reality. But it did! And we are thankful to The Lord for it. It has brought us back together (not that we ever went that far) and it has given us a reason to talk everyday and see each other every chance we can. We’re grateful that our friendship has been strengthened through this blogging process. We’ve learned more about each other and ourselves.

Being three different gals, with five extremely different dogs, living in three very different cities… Sharing our pups’ various stories will be easy! But, more than sharing our stories with you, we hope to connect with you; our readers! Our goal is to exchange funny experiences that we have with our fur-children, the DIY fails and nails, the places we have been and love, the products that we and our pups are obsessed with, and SO much more. We intend to do all of this with the purpose of bringing modern day dog moms together with Gals Best Friend!