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Atticus' Own

Sometimes in life, we experience dilemmas. And 90% of the time those dilemmas have to do with dogs. Am I right?!  I might need help figuring this one out, pawrents. Okay, here goes…

Which one do I love more? Do I love watching my dogs enjoy Atticus’ Own treats or do I love scrolling through Atticus’ Own Instagram and seeing how much fun Bradford (owner and certified pet nutritionist) has with his pups and company?! Seriously, I’m obsessed with the pictures of Bradford and his Weims!!! They have SO much fun and their pictures are contagious with happiness!

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Grandma Lucy's Coconut Line

So we’ve talked about Grandma Lucy’s before and we were all obsessed with them! Am I right?! So we had to feature them again now that they have a new line out!! If you read our post on the benefits of coconut oil, you’ll understand why Grandma Lucy’s deserves a second post so we can go on and on about how amazing they are!

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